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For over 100 years, Bassett Furniture has been crafting high quality, custom-made furniture that brings comfort and style into your home. From our humble beginnings in 1902 in Bassett, Virginia, we have grown into one of America’s leading furniture manufacturers.

Bassett Furniture stands for excellence in furniture making. Our company is proudly rooted in America and we are committed to domestic manufacturing. Our corporate headquarters and main manufacturing facility remain in Bassett, VA to this day.

Our History

Bassett Furniture was founded in 1902 by two brothers, Charles Henry Bassett and C.C. Bassett, along with W.M. Bassett and R.L Stone. The Bassett family owned and nurtured the company for nearly a century until selling the business in 1998.

The company originated as a chair manufacturer serving the local community around the Virginia-North Carolina border. Using the rich lumber sources and skilled craftsmen in the area, the Bassett brothers built the business selling affordable and quality wood dining chairs to local stores and catalogs.

Nearly everything was made completely by hand in those early days. The brothers would collect raw lumber and load it onto horse-drawn wagons to deliver to the factory. Skilled craftsmen hand cut each piece and assembled chairs by hand. Chairs were then painted in bright, decorative colors and finishes.

By the 1920s, Bassett Furniture had grown to over 250 employees manufacturing dozens of wood chair styles. As America transitioned into the machine age, new woodworking machinery was installed to boost production and efficiency while maintaining quality.

The 1930s brought tremendous growth as Bassett began manufacturing full lines of bedroom and living room furniture. New factory space was constructed and the labor force expanded to over 700 people.

In 1935, Bassett Furniture was incorporated and began trading on the over-the-counter stock market. By 1940, Bassett was one of the largest employers in the region with over 1,000 employees.

The post-World War II housing and economic boom fueled rapid growth for Bassett in the 1950s. As middle class families furnished new homes, Bassett products were increasingly marketed nationwide. The Bassett family purchased a large facility in Bassett, VA and built a 1 million square foot manufacturing complex that remains the center of operations today.

Riding the waves of changing consumer tastes in the 1960s and 70s, Basset expanded into making upholstered lines of sofas, recliners and sectionals. Custom craftsmanship and attention to detail remained at the core of manufacturing.

By the 1980s, Bassett Furniture was an internationally recognized brand. Advertising campaigns made Bassett a household name associated with quality American made furniture. During this period, Bassett was one of the largest furniture makers in the world, employing over 4,000 people.

Facing intense competition from imported furniture in the 1990s and early 2000s, Bassett struggled but ultimately emerged refocused on domestic manufacturing and custom-quality products. The company consolidated operations and re-committed to skilled American craftsmanship.

Today, Bassett Furniture continues to manufacture over 75% of product domestically in our Bassett, VA factories. We are driven by a dedication to building furniture the way it used to be – with care, artistry and lasting value.

Our Products

Bassett offers complete lines of furniture for every room of your home. Our wide selection includes:

  • Living Room Furniture:Sofas, loveseats, chairs, recliners, tables, bookshelves, TV stands and home entertainment furniture. Choose fabric, leather and microfiber upholstery options. Many pieces are available in customizable configurations.
  • Bedroom Furniture:Beds, mattresses, dressers, nightstands, armoires, chests, mirrors and coordinating bedroom sets. Select from a range of materials like wood, metal and upholstery.
  • Dining Room Furniture:Dining tables, chairs, benches, buffets, cabinets, servers and bar carts. Available in wood, metal and upholstery options. Extendable dining tables seat up to 12 people.
  • Home Office Furniture:Office desks, chairs, file cabinets, bookcases, hutches and office suites. Performance desks and ergonomic chairs provide comfort and style while you work.
  • Kitchen & Breakfast Furniture:Counter height dining sets, bar stools, wine cabinets, farmhouse tables, pantries, carts and unique storage solutions for kitchens.
  • Outdoor & Patio Furniture:All-weather wicker, teak and metal outdoor sets. Stylish options for outdoor dining, lounging and relaxing in the sun.
  • Youth & Kid’s Furniture:Beds, storage pieces, desks, chairs and uniquely designed furniture for nurseries, bedrooms and play spaces.
  • Accessories & Accents:Mirrors, ottomans, benches, rugs, wall art, decorative pillows, lamps and more to pull any room together.

Browse our full furniture catalog to find the right pieces for your individual style and space. New arrivals and seasonal collections provide fresh inspiration. Or take advantage of our custom furniture service to design your own personalized pieces.

Why Choose Bassett?

Quality Craftsmanship: Our furniture is built to the highest standards using quality materials and skilled labor. From hardwood frames to plush cushions, our quality shines through.

Custom Options: Make it your own with custom fabrics, finishes, configurations and personalization options. From size to style to color, we help you customize your furniture.

American Made: We proudly manufacture over 75% of our products domestically at our factories in Bassett, VA. Skilled artisans proudly build your furniture by hand.

Generations of Knowledge: With over 100 years experience crafting furniture, our experts know what it takes to build furniture to last. We stand behind the quality and durability of our products.

Family Run: The core values of quality, value and customer relationships established by our founders still guide us today. We care deeply about the furniture we make and the customers we serve.

Sustainably Sourced: From local hardwood forests to responsible vendors, we source materials in ways that minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Stylish and Timeless: Our designs blend timeless appeal with on-trend touches. Beautiful finishes, fabric textures and silhouettes keep our furniture relevant through the years.

Unmatched Value: Enjoy the superb quality of Bassett for a remarkable value. Our domestic manufacturing model allows us to provide custom furniture at competitive prices.

Easy Online Ordering: Shop online and choose room-scene view delivery so your new furniture arrives boxed in actual rooms for easy unpacking. White glove in-home set up service also available.

Superior Service: Our Virginia-based team provides friendly customer service and support through phone, email and chat. Get assistance designing your perfect furniture.

Our People

Bassett Furniture is made up of dedicated, passionate professionals who care deeply about the furniture we make and the customers we serve. From factory workers to service teams, our people are the heart of Bassett.

We currently employ over 1,000 skilled furniture makers. Many are 3rd or 4th generation employees, continuing their family tradition of expert woodworking and upholstery. Our furniture makers take great pride in crafting each piece.

Our customer experience team loves helping people turn their house into a home. Whether assisting online, on the showroom floor, or delivering and installing your new furniture, our service team aims to deliver 5 star experiences. The smiles and thank you notes we receive from happy customers are our greatest rewards.

Our executive leadership guided by CEO Robert Spilman chart the course for Bassett’s continued success. With over 100 years of furniture knowledge, their strategic vision focuses on delivering quality, value and service.

Product designers keep Bassett on the leading edge of style by infusing our classic silhouettes with fresh, contemporary elements. Our marketing team highlights the artistry and craftsmanship of our people and products. Information technology specialists enhance digital experiences and streamline operations through custom-built systems tailored for furniture manufacturing.

At Bassett Furniture, we work together as a team, united by shared dedication to creating furniture families will enjoy for generations. Our close community and family values foster a warm, welcoming environment where employees and customers are treated like friends.

Our Facilities

Bassett operates a state-of-the-art 1 million+ square foot manufacturing complex in Bassett, VA. This sprawling facility includes:

  • Lumber processing and cutting
  • Custom woodworking and finishing
  • Upholstery and sewing
  • Mattress production
  • Assembly, inspection and packaging
  • Distribution and direct-to-consumer delivery
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Mock showrooms and design center

Strategically located near abundant Appalachian lumber supplies, this facility demonstrates our commitment to skilled domestic manufacturing. The complex enables a smooth flow from raw lumber sourcing through finished product delivery.

We also operate a network of over 100 Bassett Home Furnishings stores and licensees across the United States. Our showrooms allow you to experience Bassett products in styled room settings. Many locations offer complimentary design services to help you furnish your home.

In our Bassett Dream Shop in Bassett, VA, you can fully customize your furniture with hundreds of fabric choices as well as modify frames, finishes, configurations and hardware. Walk through inspiring model rooms or work one-on-one with our design specialists to create your perfect pieces.

Our Commitment

Bassett Furniture remains dedicated to producing quality, custom-crafted furniture you’ll enjoy for a lifetime. We stand behind our products with a workmanship warranty, striving for excellence in everything we make.

Our skilled employees take immense pride in creating furniture by hand the old-fashioned way. We source high grade lumber and premium materials from sustainable sources. Corporate practices focus on environmental stewardship and positive community impact.

Most importantly, we never lose sight that our furniture ends up in your homes, supporting families and creating lasting memories. Your joy and satisfaction motivates us. You are the reason we continue to meticulously craft furniture the way we always have since 1902. We consider you part of the Bassett family.

Thank you for being part of our story. We look forward to continuing to help furnish homes across America with quality, comfort and style for generations to come.

About us - Bassett Furniture (2024)
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