Found cast: Guide to the NBC show’s cast and characters (2024)

Found made its debut Tuesday, Oct. 3 on NBC. The procedural drama centers on Gabi Mosely, a public relations specialist who runs a crisis management firm that finds missing people that the Washington D.C. police force can’t seem to track down. The team’s specialty are marginalized citizens, those a part of demographics that don’t get the same amount of attention from law enforcement or the media when they’re abducted.

Gabi knows first hand what it’s like to be someone who slips through the cracks. She was abducted when she was 16 years old and spent a year with Sir, the man who took her and forced her to live by his rules and attempted to have her adopt his ideals and beliefs. The members of her team have all also been impacted by abduction and use their know-how to inform the way they go about locating the missing. As for Detective Trent, he’s their ally on the force who isn’t above turning a blind eye to Gabi’s tactics if it means getting someone home safely to their loved ones.

While Found very much has a lead in Shanola Hampton, the show also has a stellar ensemble who have left their mark on television in well-known shows, hit series, and hidden gems that will certainly inform the work they do in the NBC procedural drama. Below you’ll find information on who each member the cast plays, what roles you may have seen them in before, and their social media accounts. So, without further ado, here’s what you need to know about the show’s cast!

A quick look at the cast:

  • Shanola Hampton as Gabi Mosely
  • Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Sir
  • Kelli Williams as Margaret Reed
  • Brett Dalton as Detective Mark Trent
  • Gabrielle Walsh as Lacey Quinn
  • Arlen Escarpeta as Zeke Wallace
  • Karan Oberoi as Dahn Rana
  • Azaria Carter as Teen Gabi
  • Jasmine Washington as Bella

Keep reading for in-depth information on the main cast.

Found cast: Guide to the NBC show’s cast and characters (1)

Shanola Hampton as Gabi Mosely

Not only is Shanola Hampton the lead of Found, she’s also a producer on the NBC series. In the procedural drama, the actress must strike a delicate balance between how Gabi Mosely presents herself to her employees and the public as a public relations specialist who manages a crisis team who finds missing people, and a woman who is harboring a dark secret. As the trailer gives away, Gabi is holding her childhood abductor hostage in her basem*nt and forcing him to help her on the cases she takes.

Hampton plays Gabi with a fierce conviction to never leave a child or missing person behind who has fallen through the cracks of a system that fails to adequately assist the more marginalized of society. If that means bending laws and breaking rules so be it. Gabi is also kindhearted and still dealing with the trauma of her own abduction which happened 20 years prior to the start of the show when she was 16 years old.

Birthday: May 27, 1977

Where have you seen Shanola Hampton before?:The actress is most known for playing Veronica “V” Fisher on Shameless for all 11 seasons the show aired on Showtime. She starred in 134 episodes and directed season 11 episode 8, “Cancelled.” Hampton also executive produced and starred in the 2019 TV One film, Three’s Complicated, and produced the 2021 thrillerDeadly Illusionsin which she had a featured role.

Social Media: Instagram. Hampton has 1.5 million followers and counting. On her page, she posts about Found, Shameless, fashion, her family, fitness, photoshoots, and travel. There are videos and photos from promotional events for her work as well.

Remember how the hook of Prodigal Son was that profiler Malcolm Bright would get his serial killer father, Martin Whitly, to assist him on cases? Well, that’s the role Mark-Paul Gosselaar is filling on Found except Gabi isn’t his daughter, she’s the woman he kidnapped back when she was 16 years old.

Going by the pseudonym, Sir, Gosselaar’s a very particular sort of man. He considers himself to be cultured and refined. As such, he expects the same from others, even his victims. The actor is playing against type in the role considering he’s typically cast as a protective leading man or someone that can be trusted. Sir certainly can’t be and, though he has his own rules he lives by, he’s a volatile individual who doesn’t handle defiance well.

Birthday: March 1, 1974

Where have you seen Mark-Paul Gosselaar before?: The better question is where haven’t you seen the actor. While he’s best known for playing Zack Morris on Saved By the Bell in the late ’80s into the ’90s, Gosselaar is also recognizable for his work on NYPD Blue, the short-lived but well beloved baseball series Pitch, the FOX adaptation ofThe Passage,Mixed-ish, and he starred in the ABC procedural Will Trent in its first season. Gosselaar also produced the Saved By the Bell revival, while also appearing in seven episodes, and he directed season 2, episode 8, “The Gift.”

Social Media: Gosselaar has both an Instagram and a Twitter account. However, he’s not active on either. His last Instagram post is from February 2021. As for Twitter, the actor hasn’t been on the platform since 2022, so he isn’t posting through the drama of the services change to X under Elon Musk.

Found cast: Guide to the NBC show’s cast and characters (3)

Kelli Williams as Margaret Reed

If you need someone to spot something that others would miss, Margaret Reed is your woman. Kelli Williams has a lot of experience with procedural dramas, in fact her work on Lie to Me is a standout for its similarities toFound considering Dr. Gillian Foster used facial cues and behavioral science to her advantage on that show just like Margaret does in this NBC series.

Like all of Gabi Mosely’s employees, Margaret is a woman who has been impacted by an abduction. However, she didn’t experience that particular trauma herself, it’s her son who went missing and was never found. Margaret spends her days helping the team track down those in need of their help by lending her expertise. But these skills were developed as a means of one day finding her own child. As such, she spends her nights at the bus station where he went missing in the hopes she’ll encounter him as a young adult.

Birthday: June 8, 1970

Where have you seen Kelli Williams before?: The actress became a household name in 1997 when she took up the role of Lindsay Dole on The Practice, a legal drama she starred on until 2003. Williams was nominated for a Satellite Award for her work and a Screen Actors Guild Award as a member of the cast. Her next prominent role was on Lie to Me in 2009; she played opposite Tim Roth and was a part of the series until its cancellation in 2011. Williams also starred in Army Wives, Ties that Bind, The Fosters, and Coyote.

Outside of acting, Williams directs. She has been behind the camera for episodes of Found executive producer Nkechi Okoro Carroll’s CW series, All American and All American: Homecoming. Williams has also directed multiple episodes of The Resident and has been credited as a director on 12 series from 2004-2022.

Social Media: Kelli Williams is an Instagram user. While her Twitter account is still up, she hasn’t posted to it since 2018. On Instagram, you’ll find photos of Kelly with her family, working as a director on shows like Walker, hanging out with her Found cast, and promoting the projects she’s a part of in the industry.

In Found, Brett Dalton plays the good cop archetype. This doesn’t mean Det. Trent doesn’t make mistakes, but he genuinely cares about how the quality of his case work affects others and listens when Gabi takes him to task for letting someone in need down. He’s also shaping up to be her love interest as the two did have a one night stand, and he seems to have a soft spot for the PR specialist even if she is often coming in telling him he’s not doing his job effectively.

For viewers who’ve seen Dalton’s work in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this character will be a change of pace as Det. Trent, so far, is exactly who he says he is and is an upfront guy. Don’t expect him to pull a fast one as a man who can’t be trusted.

Birthday: Jan. 7, 1983

Where have you seen Brett Dalton before?: The actor is best known for playing Grant Ward on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. from 2013-2017. However, in the past couple years he’s had multiple episode stints on The Equalizer and Chicago Fire. Dalton is also a voice actor who has been featured in animated titles like Justice League: War World, Superman: Man of Tomorrow, and Milo Murphy’s Law as well as the popular video game God of War: Ragnarök.

Social Media: Like his co-star Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Dalton has been inactive on Twitter since 2022 but he does regularly post to his Instagram. The actor has 549,000 followers and counting. On his page, you’ll find a more subdued and personal style of posting. Dalton shares photographs of his loved ones and activities he’s enjoyed on his own or engaged in with others. Promotion of his current and past projects is minimal.

Found cast: Guide to the NBC show’s cast and characters (5)

Gabrielle Walsh as Lacey Quinn

Lacey Quinn has a past that we won’t give away in this cast guide, but do know Gabrielle Walsh plays the character with a brashness that comes with the territory of surviving what Lacey has onFound. Lacey is also fiercely loyal to Gabi and admires her immensely. She got into the business of finding missing people because she wants to help those who went missing like she did but that wasn’t her sole motivator. Being a go-to person for Gabi, someone she can trust to do what it takes to bring someone home, was also a part of her decision.

As the series delves deeper into Lacey’s past, be prepared for Walsh to portray her character’s fragility and vulnerability as well. We all know a tough exterior often hides a soft center and Lacey may appear like she has it all together, but she’s dealing with immense trauma just like everyone else on Gabi’s crisis management team.

Birthday: May 10, 1989

Where have you seen Gabrielle Walsh before: 9-1-1 fans will be the most familiar with the actress as she played Ana Flores, Christopher Diaz’ teacher and Eddie’s (ex) girlfriend, in seasons 3-5. However, Walsh is also known for her voice work on the animated series Close Enough, she had a six episode arc on The Vampire Diaries, and she got her first major break with Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. She and Found‘s lead Shanola Hampton share a Shameless connection as the actress played Tanya Delgado in seasons 5-7.

Social Media: Walsh has been inactive on Twitter since 2021, but she does post to Instagram. The actress has 22.1K followers and counting. On her page, you’ll find promotion for her work, travel pictures, photos with friends, family, and castmates, as well as testimonials as she’s a spiritual person, practicing in the Christian faith. She uses the platform’s video features to amplify testimonials and inspiration for those in the creative community.

Found cast: Guide to the NBC show’s cast and characters (6)

Zeke Wallace is the team’s tech and internet whiz. If you need something hacked, he’s already ahead of you and has you covered. It’s his job to find a victim’s or an abductor’s digital footprint and trace it to provide more clues or, hopefully, more answers on what happened.

Arlen Escarpeta exudes coolness in the role and that’s not just due to Zeke’s impeccable (expensive) taste in clothes and decor, it’s also the vibe the actor imbues into him whilst also conveying Zeke’s kind heart. The character is the lone member of the team struggling with agoraphobia. Though he can’t leave his home, Zeke puts his all into his casework even when he and Dhan clash or Gabi forces them to work together because “it’s good for them.”

Zeke’s family is also “bankrolling” Gabi’s crisis management firm.

Birthday: April 9, 1981

Where have you seen Arlen Escarpeta before?: The actor’s first big role was as Sam Walker on American Dreams, an NBC series that ran from 2002-2005. For 10 years after that main cast role, he was featured in one-off episodes of procedurals like Without a Trace, NCIS: Los Angeles, House, and more as well as in featured films such as We Are Marshall, Friday the 13th, and Final Destination 5 just to name a few.

Lifetime viewers will likely recognize Escarpeta from his turn as Bobby Brown in the Whitney movie which starred Yaya DaCosta and was directed by Angela Bassett. Escarpeta also had multiple episode arcs on The Magicians, I Am the Night, and David Makes Man, and was a part of the main season 1 cast of the Crackle series, The Oath.

Social Media: Like his cast members, Escarpeta hasn’t been active on Twitter but, though he is an infrequent poster to Instagram, his account is up to date and he has 14.1K followers and counting. He recently posted a picture of himself and his co-star Karan Oberoi outside of their trailers. Escarpeta’s page has photos of his castmates, friends and loved ones, as well as promotion of his work, pictures of him out and about, on set, and photoshoots.

Found cast: Guide to the NBC show’s cast and characters (7)

Karan Oberoi as Dahn Rana

Dahn is a gruff, no nonsense sort of man on Found. He’s also the team’s muscle, so you’ll be seeing Karan Oberoi doing the running, chasing, and enforcing on the show. This, however, doesn’t make Dahn a one note character. He’s stand-offish with the team, but he does care about them and he’s sympathetic to what they’ve gone through–though he’s still sorting through why Zeke’s manifestation of trauma bothers him so much (Spoiler: Dahn’s husband helps him unpack this in episode 2).

Oberoi provides a nice contrast with his brusque characterization of Dahn that’s also balanced with an ability to tap into Dahn’s vulnerability and desire to understand his own emotions and reactions. The character has also dealt with suicidal ideations and conceptualizes his abduction as happening because the people who were supposed to look after and take care of him not only betrayed him but also abandoned him. The reveal of what happened to Dahn is bound to be heartbreaking.

Where have you seen Karan Oberoi before?: The CW viewers are likely the most familiar with the actor as he played Godspeed on The Flash, the alien killer Noah Bracken in the first season of Roswell, New Mexico, and had a two episode arc on Legacies as Zied/Jinni. Prior to those memorable roles, Oberoi was featured in the Mapplethorpe film, had five episode arcs on the TV series Counterpart and Notorious, and starred in Combat Hospital.

Social Media: The actor doesn’t have a Twitter account, however, he can be found on Instagram where he has 7.1K followers. Oberoi seems to use the platform solely for promotion of his work as the only posts are for Found. He’s also shared behind the scenes photos of his castmates through his Stories.

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Found cast: Guide to the NBC show’s cast and characters (2024)
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