Gabi Finally Unravels a Human Trafficking Ring on Found — and Tony's Fate Is Revealed (2024)

Gabi Mosely’s world was turned upside down when she saved a 13-year-old boy from human traffickers, only to be unable to protect a 16-year-old boy from being shot by the suspect in a fleeing car.

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For six episodes, Found viewers have waited to see what would happen to Tony Edwards after the shooting put him in a coma in the hospital. His story finally came full circle in Episode 10, as Tony woke up from his coma after six weeks, while Gabi and her team worked to find the traffickers.

What happened to Tony Edwards onFound?

was called to help solve the case of missing 13-year-old boy Matthew Robinson in Episode 4 of Found. Gabi talked to his friend, 16-year-old Tony Edwards, but was unable to gain any clues to his whereabouts, until the team watched streamed footage of Matthew getting into a gray sedan after an online gaming event.

Sir, Gabi’s childhood kidnapper who she in turn is now holding in her basem*nt, helped Gabi put together the puzzle of who contributed to Matthew getting kidnapped.

Gabrielle Elise Walsh as Lacey Quinn, Kelli Williams as Margaret Reed, Shanola Hampton as Gabi Mosely and Brett Dalton as Detective Mark Trent on Found Season 1 Episode 10 "Missing While Indoctrinated". Photo: Matt Miller/NBC

“The person who lured Matthew away is a child, not an adult,” Sir told Gabi in Episode 4. “Matthew’s world turned upside down when his parents divorced … conflicted children are vulnerable, especially when they’re angry with the adults in their life.”

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Sir pointed to an influential older teen, and Gabi suspected Matthew’s friend, Tony, as the person who lured Matthew to human traffickers. Gabi also suspected Tony was a trafficking victim himself. In a search of Tony’s bedroom, Gabi found keys to an inn, and those keys led her to Matthew and Tony in a motel room.

But when Gabi tried to get both boys away to safety, shots were fired at them from a sedan in the parking lot — hitting and wounding Tony and putting him into a coma.

Tony’s father, Patrick Edwards, was predictably furious with Gabi and her team at what happened to his son.

“You said you’d protect him. You sacrificed my boy for another,” he fired off at Gabi when she tried to visit Tony in the hospital.

The next two episodes of Found saw Gabi trying to come to grips with what happened to Tony. We saw her call the hospital to try and get an update on the teen, as well as visit him when his father wasn’t around.

Shanola Hampton as Gabi Mosely on Found Season 1 Episode 10 "Missing While Indoctrinated". Photo: Matt Miller/NBC

“[His] prognosis hasn’t changed since the gunshot,” a nurse told Gabi in Episode 6. “But you staying here every night won’t change that, sweetie.”

Dhan, a member of Gabi’s team, pointed out, “She’s not going to stop feeling responsible until he comes out of his coma, or we catch that bastard behind the trafficking ring.”

What happened on Found Episode 10?

Fast forward to Episode 10, and Mosely & Associates finally got its chance to find the head of the trafficking ring. After six weeks in a coma, Tony was awake in the hospital. But just when it looks like a happy ending, the police arrived and arrested Tony for Matthew Robinson’s kidnapping. Although Tony was later released into his father’s custody, he ran away, sparking a race between the authorities and Mosley & Associates to find Tony.

Gabi Finally Unravels a Human Trafficking Ring on Found — and Tony's Fate Is Revealed (3)

Brett Dalton as Detective Mark Trent and Karan Oberoi as Dahn Rana on Found Season 1 Episode 10 "Missing While Indoctrinated". Photo: Matt Miller/NBC

Gabi was able to convince Carolyn Edwards, Tony’s mother, to call him to allow her team time to trace the call and Tony’s location. The call was traced to towers near his high school. Gabi found a duffel bag in Tony’s locker at the school with important clues: money, a car key fob, and a phone with texts to a Finn Anderson, a student at the school.

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When Gabi questioned Finn about the texts, he said he was texting someone he met online in a gaming chatroom, who had tried to groom him.

“They wouldn’t reveal their real identity unless I agreed to join that trafficking thing,” Finn explained. “Forget that.”

Meanwhile, Margaret and Dhan used the key fob to try and locate the car to which it belonged in the school parking lot. While they were unable to get a full data upload of the car, Zeke was able to get the last known addresses of the car, which belonged to students at the high school who were also on the truancy list.

D.C. police officer Mark Trent, who was helping the team, also discovered something about the high school principal.

“Her last teaching gig was in Boston five years ago,” he said. “Her school there had a high number of kids drop out and was in a neighborhood that became known for trafficking.”

This prompted Gabi to add, “She’s using the schools as a personal shopping ground targeting ‘bad’ kids that no one will miss.”

When confronted, the principal confessed to leading the trafficking ring, but said she had help — from student Finn Anderson.As Gabi and her team approached the hidden away students who were being trafficked, they discovered Finn as well as Tony.

“Finn was the one who shot me outside the hotel,” Tony said. “He’s her accomplice. He ruined my life. He was the one who [recruited me]. Principal Chloe had to replace Finn before he graduated this year, so he chose me. I hurt so many people. I knew there would be more kids down here.”

With Finn and the principal in the hands of police, a traumatized Tony was reunited with his frantic parents, prompting the team’s traditional “welcome home” toast for another case solved.

Watch new episodes of Found on Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC and the next day on Peaco*ck.

Gabi Finally Unravels a Human Trafficking Ring on Found — and Tony's Fate Is Revealed (2024)
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