Kamen Rider Nebula - Chapter 1 - PHANTOMKNIGHTMARE47 (2024)

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Hello, everyone! PHANTOMKNIGHTMARE47 here, with the 2024 rewrite of my multiverse-basedKamen Riderfanfiction. And, it is none other thanKamen Rider Nebula! I haven't worked on it for a while, and I decided to rework it this time. The plot goes like this:

Nakashima Kazuma has grown up in his hometown of Winter Bluffs, a city located north of Domino City, having been raised by his aunt and uncle following the passing of his parents. He balanced attending college with hanging out with his friends, playing video games, and doing schoolwork. However, his life changes when he ends up critically injured by a kaijin known as a Darkmare, created by aliens known as Giganoidians. However, a group of scientists affiliated with the Multiversal Defense And Emergency Response Squadron save Nakashima's life by converting him into a cyborg. Now, Nakashima travels throughout the Multiverse, helping it's denizens as the warrior of the cosmos, Kamen Rider Nebula! And, along the way, Nakashima finds himself gaining a harem of lovers.

Will Nakashima/Nebula be able to save the Multiverse from being destroyed? If so, then grab a soda, pop some popcorn, order a pizza, and get ready to find out, as we take a ride, in:



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DannyxDiana, TsukunexMoka, InuyashaxKagome, IchigoxOrehime, NatsuxLucy, ShikixRebecca, SonicxRouge, RubyxOscar, SoraxKairi, KenichixMiu, EdwardxWinry, YugoxAlice, StevenxConnie, JeffxAlice, AdrienxMarinette, DekuxUravity, TanjiroxShinobuxKanae, CalxMerrin, YugixTea, JadenxAlexis, YuseixAkiza

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For as long as time can remember, there have existed armored warriors who fought for the sake of justice. These warriors are known asKamen Riders, ordinary humans who were given power to fight against monstrous foes that terrorized humanity.

In 1971, a young motorcyclist and college student known asTakeshi Hongowas captured by a terrorist organization known asSHOCKER, who modified him into a cyborg soldier, but Takeshi managed to escape before they could brainwash him and make him a weapon. He took on the name ofKamen Rider Ichigou, and used his abilities to combat SHOCKER's forces. He had an ally known asHayato Ichimonji, akaKamen Rider Nigou. After the downfall of SHOCKER, Ichigou and Nigou were succeeded by a young man namedShiro Kazami, who became known asKamen Rider V3, and used his powers to fight the monsters ofDESTROM, when they claimed the lives of his parents and younger sister. Shiro had an ally namedJoji Yuki,akaRiderMan, who lost an arm due to DESTROM's actions, but was fitted with a form changing prosthetic. Years later, a young man namedKeisuke Jinwas modified into a cyborg Kamen Rider known asKamen Rider Xby his dying father in order to combat the monsters sent by the organization,G.O.D. Time passes, and a man who grew up in the wilderness known asDaisuke Yamamotowas fitted with the GiGi Armlet, and became a warrior of justice known asKamen Rider Amazon, fighting against theBeastmensent by bothGedonand theGarander Empire. Time passes, and a young man known by the name ofShigeru Jowas modified into a cyborg by theSatan Empire, but uses his powers to defend the innocent asKamen Rider Stronger.

Years pass, and a scientist known asKeitaro Shidowas kidnapped byNeo Shocker,as a means of exploiting his robotics expertise. However, Keitaro secretly operated on an injured camper namedHiroshi Tsukuba, turning him into the heroicSkyrider,Hiroshi used his skills in defeating Neo Shocker's numerous monsters.

In the 1980s, a young man namedKazuya Okiwas turned into a cyborg known asKamen Rider Super-1, as a means of surviving in outer space without the need for a bulky external space-suit. But the scientists who did the operation were slaughtered by theDogma Kingdom.However, Kazuya, as Super-1, managed to defeat the kaijin of the Dogma Kingdom, and send their leader to Hell.

At another point in time during the 1980s,Kotaro Minami,a young man born under a solar eclipse, was captured by theGorgom Empire, and fitted with cyborg technology, as well as a gemstone known as theKingstone, and became a warrior of justice known asKamen Rider BLACK,fighting against both Gorgom's forces, and his stepbrother,Nobuhiko Akazuki, who had become known asShadow-Moon. Following the fall of Gorgom, Kotaro lived a normal life with the Sahara Family as a helicopter pilot. Until he was captured by theCrisis Empire. His Kingstone was broken in half, but as he was sent into an escape pod to the sun, where the solar radiation mutated his Kingstone Belt, and Kotaro became known asKamen Rider BLACK-RX, where he fought against the forces of the Crisis Empire, and their leader,General Jark, and he finally laid his brother to rest in one final battle.

In 1983, a young aircraft pilot namedRyo Murasamewas shot down by the Badan Empire, and converted into one of their cyborg soldiers. Ryo's sister was murdered by Badan's forces, and Ryo was brainwashed, but regained his memories, and became the 10th person to take up the mantle of Kamen Rider, having defeated both theGeneralissimo Of BadanandAmbassador Darkness.

In the 1990s, a young man known asShin Kazamatsuriwas operated on by his father and a fellow scientist namedGiichi Onizuka, not knowing their research was being funded by a group known as theFoundation. Shin had become a mutant Kamen Rider known asKamen Rider Shin. Shin, using his powers, had slain the madGoushima, who had become a grasshopper monster himself.

A young man known asMasaru Aso, who was the lab assistant of ProfessorMochizuki, was converted into the cyborg warrior,Kamen Rider ZO, and fought against the monsters ofDoras, before finally slaying the main creature,Neonoid Doras.

An environmentalist known asKouji Segawa,while investigating pollution by the side of a lake, was murdered by the underlings ofMachine-Beast Mothership Fog-Mother, but was revived by Gaia to become a hero known asKamen Rider J, allied with the talking grasshopper, Berry, Kouji defeated Fog Mother's monsters, before destroying Fog Mother once and for all.

In the early 2000s, a young man known asYusuke Onodera,when he encountered a monster known as aGurongi, found an ancient belt known as theArcle, and became known asKamen Rider Kuuga, using his powers to defeat the Gurongi, alongside their leader,N-Daguva-Zeba. Following in Yusuke's stead was an amnesiac man known asSouichi Tsugami, who possessed something known as aSeed Of Agito, allowing him to become a warrior known asKamen Rider Agito, and fought against the monsters known as theLords.Following the defeat of the Lords, a young man namedShinji Kido, came across what was known as aCard Deck,and became known asKamen Rider Ryuki, and was drafted into an event known as theRider War, where he fought against bothMirror Monstersand fellow Kamen Riders to get a wish granted. However, in the climax of the war, Shinji was fatally wounded, out of sorrow, a man known asShiro Kanzaki, reset the world so that the Mirror Monsters had never existed, and the riders could live normal lives.

In 2005, a young man namedTakumi Inuihad found a device called theFaizBelt, and became known asKamen Rider Faiz,where he fought against monsters known asOrphenoch, not knowing that he was an Orphenoch himself. Takumi had died in a car accident, and was revived as a Wolf Orphenoch. Takumi, alongsideMasato Kusaka, AKAKamen Rider KaixaandSyuji Mihara,AKAKamen Rider Delta, managed to stop the Orphenoch, and their leader, theArch Orphenoch.

A year has passed, and a government-funded group calledB.O.A.R.Dwas founded in 2006 to combat immortal monsters calledUndead. Their riders wereKazuma Kendate,AKAKamen Rider Blade,Sakuya Tachibana,AKAKamen Rider Garren,Hajime Aikawa, AKAKamen Rider Chalice, andMutsuki Kamijou,AKAKamen Rider Leangle, and together, they defeated and sealed away the Undead, saving humanity from anotherBattle Fight.

A year passed, and Humanity was plagued by monsters calledMakamou, which fed on humans. The Makamou couldn't be killed by conventional means, so a new kind of Kamen Rider in the form ofOniwas revealed, combatting the Makamou using theSound Of Purification, weaponizing music to destroy the monsters. One of the Riders wasHitoshi Hidaka,AKAKamen Rider Hibiki.

Following the defeat of the Makamou, a meteorite struck Earth, revealing a race of insectoid aliens known as theWorms, a lone wanderer by the name ofTendou Soujitook on the name ofKamen Rider Kabuto, and fought alongside the Riders ofZECTas a means of defending humanity.

In 2007, a young man namedNogami Ryotaro, who lived with his older sister in a coffee shop, who had a severe streak of bad luck, came into contact with creatures calledImajin, and became known asKamen Rider Den-O, with five good-natured Imajin,Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros, Ryutaros, andSeig, in combating enemy Imajin, Ryotaro and co. had an ally in the form ofYuuto Sakurai,AKAKamen Rider Zeronos, and his Imajin ally,Deneb.

A year has passed, and a new kind of monster plagued Humanity: theFangires, which fed off of the life-force of humans. However, a young man namedWataru Kurenai, became known asKamen Rider Kiva, due to the fact that Wataru was a Human-Fangire hybrid. Wataru had some friends in the form ofKivat III, Shizuka Nomura, Kengo Eritate, Mio Suzuki, Jiro,AKAGarulu, the last of theWolfen Clan,Ramon, AKABassha, the last of theMerman Clan,Rikki, AKADogga,the surviving member of theFranken Clan, as well asKeisuke Nago,AKAKamen Rider IXA, andTaiga Nobori, who was revealed to be Wataru's older half-brother.

In 2009, a young man namedTsukasa Kadoyafound a belt, and became the dimension-hopping warrior,Kamen Rider Decade, teaming up with alternate reality versions of past Heisei-era Kamen Riders, as well as the dimension-hopping thief,Kaito Daiki,AKAKamen Rider DiEnd. It was later revealed that Tsukasa was the leader ofDai-Shocker, but he rejected that fate.

In the town ofFuuto City,criminals and people who have been spat on by society had been given USB flash-drive like objects calledGaiaMemories, and became known asDopants, however, two young men,Shotaro Hidari, andPhilip, used a belt to become the two-in-one Kamen Rider known asKamen Rider Double, they, alongsideRyu Terui, who becameKamen Rider Accel, fought against the Dopants, as well as theMuseumcrime family, led by Ryubei Sonozaki, as well asIsaka Shinkuro,theWeather Dopant, and even the terrorist cell,NEVER,and their leader,Katsumi Daido,AKAKamen Rider Eternal.

Time passed, and in Japan, a young man with a tragic past known asEiji Hinocame across coin-based homunculi known asYummies, and their masters, theGreeed, but an antiheroic Greeed namedAnkhgave Eiji a belt, and objects calledCore Medals, and Eiji became known asKamen Rider OOO, defending innocent people from the Greeed and their monsters. He had help fromAkira Date,AKAKamen Rider Birth, and others to name a few.

Years later, in Japan, a young highschool student namedGentaro Kisaragi,who had a delinquent look to him, but a drive to befriend everyone, became known asKamen Rider Fourze, and fought against monsters called theZodiarts, which were people that became kaijin based around the 88 modern constellations.

Time passed, and we were introduced to a young man namedHaruto Souma, who became known asKamen Rider Wizard, and fought against monsters calledPhantoms, which were born from humans who succumbed to despair. Haruto had an ally in the form ofKosuke Nitou,AKAKamen Rider Beast.

In another location known asZawame City,dance-crews were formed due to a corporation known asYggdrasil,which was making the city feel like a country state. A young man namedKouta Kazuraba, while in a location calledHelheim, found a belt called aSengokuDriver, and became known asKamen Rider Gaim,fighting against monsters called theInves.

Time passed, and in Japan, androids who could think and evolve calledRoidmudes, attacked the city, but a police-officer known asShinnosuke Tomari, armed with theDrive-Driver, a belt housing the digitized subconsciousness of it's creator,Krim Stienbelt, became known asKamen Rider Drive, the first Heisei Rider to have a car instead of a motorcycle. Shinnosuke had allies in fighting the Roidmudes, such asGou Shijima,AKAKamen Rider Mach, and an antiheroic Roidmude known asChase,AKAKamen Rider Chaser. The three Riders fought the Roidmudes, as well as Gou's father,Dr. Tenjirou Banno, and theSingular System.

Time passed, and a young man namedTakeru Tenkuji, a ghost hunter, was killed by interdimensional monsters called theGanma, and became a Ghost himself. Now given a 99-day time limit to come back to life completely, Takeru must find the 15Historical Figure Eyecons,and use them at the Monolith in theDaitenku Temple. To do this, Takeru had to becomeKamen Rider Ghost, and fight against the Ganma. Takeru's allies wereAkari Tsukashima, who believed in science,Onari, a monk of the Daitenku Temple,Makoto f*ckami, AKAKamen Rider Specter, Makoto's sister,Kanon, andPrince Alain,AKAKamen Rider Necrom.

Following the departure of the Ganma, an ER-doctor namedEmu Hojo, who loved playing video games in his spare-time, became the first Kamen Rider themed after platform video games known asKamen Rider Ex-Aid. His allies wereHiro Kagami,AKAKamen Rider Brave,Taiga Hanaya, AKAKamen Rider Snipe,Kirya Kujo, AKAKamen Rider Lazer, and an unlikely ally in the form ofKuroto Dan,AKAKamen Rider Genm. The Riders faced off against theBugsters, a new kind of computer virus that infected humans, as well as Kuroto's father,Masamune Dan,AKAKamen Rider Chronos, who was an index-case just like Emu.

Following the defeat of the Bugsters and Masamune, in another area, Japan had been divided intoTouto, Seitou,andHokutou, after an object known asPandora's Boxwas found on Mars, causing an event called theSky Wall Crisis.An organization calledFausthad caused monsters calledSmashto appear, and the robot soldiers of Hokuto, Seito, and Touto, theGuardians, were reprogrammed into serving Faust. However, the people of Japan had a common hero namedSento Kiryu, an amnesiac scientist who originally went byProfessor Takumi Katsuragi, but he had his memories altered by an alien being namedEvolt.Sento used the Build-Driver and theFullbottlesto becomeKamen Rider Build, defeating the Smash before extracting the Fullbottle Essence from people. Sento had help fromRyuga Banjoh,a prison escapee framed for a crime he didn't commit. Ryuga was given his own Build-Driver, and becameKamen Rider Cross-Z. Other allies they had wereKazumi Saruwatari,who used aSclash-Driverand theRobot Sclash-Jellyto becomeKamen Rider Grease, as well asGentoku Himuro,AKAKamen Rider Rogue.After Evolt's death, the reality had been rewritten.

In 2019, a high-school student namedSougo Tokiwa, who dreamed of becoming a king, was encountered by a mysterious girl namedTsukuyomi, who came from an apocalyptic future where Sougou was an evil ruler, but a man namedWozgave Sougou a belt called aZikuDriver, and Sougo became the 20th Heisei-era Rider:Kamen Rider Zi-O.He faced off against theTime Jackers, who turned ordinary people into monstrous doppelgangers of past Kamen Riders known asAnother Riders.Sogou had an unlikely ally in the form of the Resistance Fighter,Geiz Myokouin,AKAKamen Rider Geiz.Woz became known asKamen Rider Woz. One day, while fighting the Time Jackers' leader, Swartz, asAnother Decade,Sougo becameOhma Zi-Owhen Geiz was killed, and after defeating and killing Swartz, the timeline had been altered.

Time passed, and a company calledHIDEN Intelligence,manufactured androids with artificial intelligence known asHumaGears, to improve the lives of the people of Japan. One day, when HIDEN Intelligence's old CEO,Korunosuke Hiden, had passed away, Korunosuke's grandson,Aruto, a struggling standup comedian, had succeeded his late grandfather as the company president. When the terrorist hacker cell,MetsubouJinraiNETstarted hacking ordinary HumaGears, and causing them to becomeMagias, Aruto became the heroicKamen Rider Zero-One, defending humanity from the rogue HumaGears. Aruto had unlikely allies in the form of the members of theArtificial Intelligence Military Service,orA.I.M.S, specifically agentIsamu Fuwa, AKAKamen Rider Vulcan, and technicianYua Yaiba,AKAKamen Rider Valkyrie. Aruto had a rival in the form ofGai Amatsu,AKAKamen Rider Thouzer,the CEO ofZAIA Enterprise,who had a hand in the awakening of theArk, a malevolent A.I. But, Aruto and co. managed to defeat the Ark.

Following Aruto's adventures, a bookstore owner namedTouma Kamiyama, who was also an aspiring author, had an encounter with monsters called theMegid, and in order to fight them, was given aSeiken SworDriver,and became known asKamen Rider Saber, the Swordsman of Fire. Touma, alongside his fellow Elemental Swordsman Kamen Riders,Rintaro Shindo,akaKamen Rider Blades, Kento f*ckamiya,AKAKamen Rider Espada, Ryo Ogami,AKAKamen Rider Buster, Ren Akamichi,AKAKamen Rider Kenzan,Tetsuo Daishinji,AKAKamen Rider Slash,Yuri,AKAKamen Rider Saikou,Reika Shindo,AKAKamen Rider Sabellaand Reiko's older brother,Ryoga,AKAKamen Rider Durandal, fought against the Megiddo, as well as a man known asIsaac,the current Master Logos, who becameKamen Rider Solomon.

Following the defeat of the Megid, a young man namedIkki Igarashi, discovered that he had an Inner DevilnamedVice, who had been with him since birth, and when monsters known asDeadmansattacked innocent people, Ikki donned theReviceDriver, and became known asKamen Rider Revi, while Vice becameKamen Rider Vice, they became the two person Rider team,Kamen Rider Revice.Their allies were Ikki's younger brother, Daiji, who becameKamen Rider Live,their sister, Sakura, who becameKamen Rider Jeanne, the Fenix commander,Hiromi Kadota,who becameKamen Rider Demons,the Fenix scientist,George Karizaki, who becameKamen Rider Juuga, theWeekendmember,Hikaru Ushijima, who becameKamen Rider Over-Demons,Hana Natsuki,who becameKamen Rider Aguilera, Daiji's Inner Devil,Kagero, AKAKamen Rider Eviland Ikki, Daiji, and Sakura's father,Genta,who becameKamen Rider Destream. Following the downfall of Deadmans, and their leader,Giff, Ikki and Vice had one final bout to restore Ikki's memories of his family, at the cost of his memories of Vice, and Vice ceased to exist.

After the fight against the Deadmans, the city of Japan was set as the grounds for an event known as theDesire Grand Prix, where people were chosen to become Kamen Riders as a means of saving people, fighting against monsters known as theJyamato, and bringing their ideal world into reality. Amongst these Riders wasAce Ukiyo, AKAKamen Rider Geats, who participated in the Desire Grand Prix as a means of uncovering the truth behind the whereabouts of his mother,Mitsume. After learning the truth, and becoming aGod Of Genesis, Ace had defeated the masked fiend known asSueru,with help fromKeiwa Sakurai,AKAKamen Rider Tycoon,Neon Kurama, AKAKamen Rider Na-Go, andMichinaga Azuma,AKAKamen Rider Buffa, and after Sueru's defeat, Ace had erased the Desire Grand Prix from existence.

Now, a new chapter in history begins.

Location: Winter Bluffs

Date: April 4th, 2024

Time: 6:50 PM.

We turn to see a city located north of Domino City, with several people in the various districts. This city was known as Winter Bluffs, which was home to a good school-district, a oftentimes super-busy business district, an entertainment district, and six different baked treats shops, with three of said shops using vegan ingredients.

We turn to see one of the citizens of Winter Bluffs walking through town. He had auburn hair styled in a fusion of Takashi Komuro fromHighschool Of The Dead, Naoto Kurogane fromBlazBlue, and Kazuki Muto fromBusou Renkin, and citrus-green eyes. He wore a white hooded button-up jacket over a black t-shirt, indigo-blue street jeans, white converse sneakers, and black fingerless driving gloves. This was Nakashima Kazuma, a college student and aspiring martial artist who was known for looking out for the little guy. Nakashima lived with his aunt and uncle, who were unable to have children due to Nakashima's aunt being sadly born sterile, since Nakashima's parents had sadly died in a car-accident.

"It's such a great day in town so far." said Nakashima, sounding like Shinjiro Hayata mixed with Peeta Mellark, as he smiled a little. "Well, time for me to find something to do, before I get uber-bored." he then suddenly saw a group of thugs harassing a blind elderly woman, and he got angry. Nakashima had a drive to help those in need, and will risk his safety for absolute strangers.

"HEY, YOU SCUMf*ckS!" Nakashima roared, as he slammed his shoulder into a thug's side with a shoulder-charge. "JUST WHERE THE f*ckING HELL DO YOU MONSTERS IN HUMAN SKIN GET OFF, BULLYING A BLIND OLD LADY!?"

"Beat it, Boy Scout. This kind of thingshouldn'tconcern you." said the lead thug, sneering at Nakashima.

"Oh, well it sure as Helldoesconcern me if someone's in trouble and needs help!" said Nakashima, as he entered a fighting stance. When Nakashima was six years old, he was constantly getting bullied by bigger kids, so his aunt took him to the local dojo to learn martial arts. In this case, Nakashima knew three different animal-styles of Shaolin Kung-Fu: Crane, Tiger, and Snake. He used his skills to protect his friends, family, and those in need.

"Waste this little piss-ant!" said the lead thug, as his goons charged at Nakashima, who entered the stance for Crane Style, and went to town, thrashing and pummeling several of the goons with lightning-fast strikes and kicks, before roundhouse kicking another thug in the jaw hard enough to break all of his teeth. The lead thug got pissed, and charged at Nakashima, who entered the stance for Tiger Style, and delivered an uppercut, before launching himself forward and delivering a vicious punch to the lead thug's solar-plexus, making the thug hack up blood. The lead thug got pissed.

"YOU'RE DEAD MEAT NOW, YA LITTLE sh*t-STAIN! TIME TO DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" The lead thug roared, as he drew an army knife and then charged at Nakashima, who entered the stance for Snake Style, and disarmed the lead thug before throwing him over his shoulder.

"GAH! f*ck!" the lead thug groaned, wincing as if the fall had broken something. "Th-th-this guy's a f*cking demon! RUN FOR IT!" he yelped, as he and his goons made a break for it.

"AND DON'T EVENTHINKABOUT COMING BACK!" Nakashima barked. He then turned to face the elderly blind woman. "You gonna be okay, ma'am?" he asked, showing concern.

"Yes. Thank you, young sir." said the woman, bowing in respect. Nakashima then handed her purse, cane, and seeing-eye animal, which was a bloodhound puppy to her.

"Here you are, ma'am." said Nakashima, smiling. Nakashima had a humanitarian side to him, and loved to help people in need. He often volunteered at the local homeless shelters and soup-kitchens during the holidays in December with his friends and family.

Nakashima lived a relatively normal life, unaware of the existence of aliens or other universes. But, that all changes now. And thus, our story begins.

(Opening Song: "The Howl Towards Tomorrow" by JAM Project Plays)


It shows the various Kamen Riders: Ichigo, Nigo, V3, RiderMan, X, Amazon, Stronger, Skyrider, Super-1, BLACK, BLACK-RX, Shin, ZO, J, Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva, Decade, Double, OOO, Fourze, Wizard, Gaim, Drive, Ghost, Ex-Aid, Build, Zi-O, Zero-One, Saber, Revice, Geats, and so on, as it then showed Nakashima.

[Tachiagare kedakaku mae sadame wo uketa senshi yo]

It shows Nakashima, with his friends, Daigo Kanezawa, Courtney Tezuka, Courtney's fraternal twin brother, Carter, and Taiga Segawa

[Sen no kakugo mi ni matoi kimi yo ooshiku habatake!]

It shows the group get to their feet, and are headed to a location, as the logo for Kamen Rider Nebula appears.

[Yami no jidai wo tsugeru kane ga tooku nari hibiku]

It shows Nakashima training in the local dojo, whereas Daigo is playing video-games, Courtney is practicing dance, Carter is doing motocross, and Masato is drawing.
[Tatakau tomo yo ima kimi ha shi mo osorezu]

It shows Nakashima's relatives, and some more of his school-friends. As well as the allies Nakashima makes in his interdimensional travels, such as Tsukune Aono, Kenichi Shirahama, the Agents of W.O.O.H.P, the Maximals, the Crystal Gems, Danny Phantom, Team Sonic, the Revenants, the Order Of Mata-Nui, Ruby's Group, the Avengers, the Justice League, U.A High-School Class 1-A, Inuyasha, the Elric Brothers, the French Miraculous Superhero Team, the Hazbin Hotel crew, I.M.P, and so on.

[Gareki no machi wo somete shizumu yuuhi ha kurenai]

It shows the members of the Multiversal Defense And Emergency Response Squadron, composed of Commander Leland Satsuma, Professor Jerome Broslowski, Dr. Jonah Smythe, Field Captain Genjiro Shimada, and Lieutenant Ayame Kanezawa.
[Aisuru hoshi no mirai wo mamoru tame]

It shows the Giganoidians, which were composed of the swordsman, Zankord, the war-general, Gextral, the assassin, Kevdar, the jester, Gyrax, and their leader, Giganidas.

[Oo kami no yaiba ha hito no ai]

It shows the people running, as the Zomborgs terrorize the people, until Nakashima manages to fend some of them off.
[Inori wo komete tsuranuke!]

Nakashima does the movements needed to transform, and says "Ectophase Activate!", as he then transforms into Rider Form.

[Tachiagare kedakaku mae sadame wo uketa senshi yo]

Nebula then fights against the Zomborgs in hand to hand combat, using various martial arts styles, until he slides a Grid-Card across the top of his belt, summoning a sword.
[Asu no heiwa he no ishizue to nare]

Nebula then slashes and slices through the Zomborgs with his weapon, cutting them down one by one.
[Atsuku nare ookiku sake ten ni sasageshi inochi yo]

It shows several other Riders, ready to help in defeating the Giganoidians, as Nebula fights Zankord in a sword-duel, and there are various other forms of Nebula's, brandishing a corresponding weapon.
[Yowakimono no tate to nare sosh*te sekai wo michibike]

Nebula does his Galactic Rider Kick on a Darkmare, destroying it in a single hit, before driving off on his motorcycle.

(End of OP)

Chapter 1:I Am The Child Of The Cosmos!

It shows Nakashima meeting up with his friends, Daigo Kanezawa, Carter Tezuka and his sister, Courtney, and Taiga Segawa. Daigo, Taiga, Courtney and Carter were Nakashima's closest friends since they attended grade-school. Daigo had black hair and indigo-blue eyes, and wore a t-shirt themed after the RX-78-2 Gundam, blue-gray jeans, and red Nike sneakers. Carter had blonde hair and citrus-green eyes, and wore a t-shirt themed after Star Wars, with the Jedi Order symbol on the chest, jean-shorts, and green converse sneakers. Courtney had long, golden-blonde hair and dark-cyan colored eyes, and wore a t-shirt with the symbol for theKingdom Heartsgames on the chest, a pleated skirt, and ballet flats. Taiga had auburn hair and eyes, and wore full-moon glasses, a dress-shirt, jeans, and brown dress shoes.

"Hey, guys." said Nakashima, smiling at his closest friends.

"Yo, Nakashima. Everything OK?" said Taiga, curious.

"You look like you got into a fight with a guard dog and barely managed to make it out alive. The heck happened, bud?" said Carter.

"I ran into a group of jackasses mugging a blind old woman, so I kicked the thugs' collective asses and sent 'em packin'." said Nakashima.

"At least the thugs got the picture that picking on the elderly always ends poorly, either with the thugs getting arrested or getting the ever-loving sh*t and piss beaten outta them." said Courtney.

"The old lady is okay, thank God." said Nakashima, with a relieved smile. "That'sallthat truly matters." with that, Nakashima and co. headed off.

Meanwhile, in the vast reaches of space, we turn to see a large starship that resembles a Lockheed SR-71 "Blackbird" mixed with a condor. This was the Nightmare Fortress, the base of operations for war-mongering aliens known as the Giganoidians. The aliens in question were the warlord, Giganidas, the master swordsman, Zankord, the general, Gextral, the assassin, Kevdar, and the court jester, Jyrax.

Giganidas, in appearance, resembled Absolute Tartarus from theUltramanfranchise mixed with Moltor fromPower Rangers Operation Overdriveand Overlord Inves Baron, with a purple, emerald green and gold color-scheme. His facial appearance was similar to that of Cell fromDragon Ball Zin his Perfect Form. His eyes were blood-red with black sclera and vertical slitted pupils. He also had Yautja-style dreadlocks on the back and sides of his head, and Vasto Lorde Ichigo-style horns on his head.

Zankord resembled Delu-Knight fromHikonin Sentai AkibaRanger, but his head was a merger between Sambash fromGingamanand Yaiba fromBoukenger. He had a gold, dark cyan, and indigo blue color-scheme with violet-colored eyes.

Gextral resembled Damaras fromKaizoku Sentai Gokaigermixed with Gachirus fromKishiryu Sentai Ryusolger, with a black and dirty-gold color-scheme. His eyes were the color of rubies and blood.

Kevdar resembled Sambash fromSeiju Sentai Gingamanmixed with Jindrax fromPower Rangers Wild Force, with an orange, gray and auburn color-scheme. His eyes were golden-yellow

Jyrax resembled Reala from theNiGHTSvideo game franchise mixed with Laughing Jack from the Creepypasta of the same name. He had a violet, burgundy red, and gold color-scheme. He had citrus-green colored eyes.

"Report, Gextral." said Giganidas, sounding like Baron Draxum from the first season ofRise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

(Author's Note: Giganidas's voice-actor is John Cena.)

"It appears that we are in Earth's orbit as we speak, Lord Giganidas." said Gextral, observing the area.

"Excellent. Soon, this world and others like it will be underourcontrol!" said Kevdar, chuckling darkly.

"Now, which Darkmare shall we send to terrorize the populace of this pathetic ball of dirt?" said Zankord, as he eyed the planet. "It barely looks able to defend itself."

"Precisely." said Gextral, as the war-general then gagged at the sight. "Yecch. Makes me want to vomit, just byLOOKINGat the damn thing."

"Don't get overconfident, my generals. This planet's military is more than capable of dealing with any threats that terrorize the country." said Giganidas. "Which is why we'll be sending Mogurachnid to deal with them." he revealed a biomechanical humanoid monster that resembled a hybridization between a star-nosed mole and a spider.

"What I have here is a Darkmare that has the attributes of both a spider and a mole. It has ultra-sharp claws for tunneling underground like a mole, and has webbing with the tensile strength of steel." said Giganidas, revealing the capabilities of the monster. "It can easily make mincemeat out of Earth's militaristic forces."

"Mogurachnid, we want you to go down to Earth, and level its cities to the ground atop the heads of itsentirepopulation!" said Zankord. Mogurachnid then proceeded to do a Nazi salute, and was beamed down to Earth

Meanwhile, this was being witnessed by two people, a scientist named Professor Jerome Broslowski, a Jewish-American scientist who came from a family of Holocaust survivors from World War II, and Commander Leland Satsuma, a Japanese-American soldier. They were affiliated with the Multiversal Defense And Emergency Response Squadron, a government-funded group of soldiers, scholars and scientists dedicated to protecting this world and others like it from evil.

"Commander, are you seeing this?" said Prof. Broslowski, showing concern.

"Yes. The Giganoidian Army is planning to take over our world, and others like it." said Leland, with a serious look on his face. "And we're going to needallthe help we can get, if we're to stop them."

"Understood, commander." said Prof. Broslowski, as he saluted his boss and headed off. He then faced his fellow scientists. "Everyone, we need someone who has the courage and mental fortitude to defeat the Giganoidians, and save our universe and other universes like it."

"We found someone, Jerome." said a scientist, pulling up Nakashima's picture. "His name is Nakashima Kazuma, Age: 21, Date of Birth: January 31st. He lives in Winter Bluffs with his war-veteran uncle and his defense attorney aunt after his parents died in a car-crash."

"We'll need his help to stop the Giganoidians before they take over the planet." said Jerome, as he got into a military jeep with some of his fellow scientists.

Later, it shows Nakashima doing some jogging around the streets, listening to some Christian rock on Pandora. Nakashima was a Japanese Catholic, attending church every Sunday with his uncle. He used to go to Sunday school as a kid too. Suddenly, he caught a whiff of smoke, and looked to see a house on fire.

"Oh sh*t!" he gasped, shocked. He looked to see that the firefighters' hose had a tear in it, so he decided to help out. He first grabbed a fire-extinguisher off the side of their vehicle and managed to put out most of the flames.

"WHOA! Kid, are younutsor something? You're gonna get barbecued to a crisp in there!" a firefighter gasped, showing concern for Nakashima's safety.

"It's a risk that I'mwillingto take, sir." said Nakashima, wanting to help the people trapped inside. He then was handed the jaws of life, and used it on a car that had it's driver and passenger trapped inside. He used it to open the door like a tin-can full of canned fruit, and the woman and her daughter got out. Nakashima heard a wailing, and saw that a baby was trapped inside the burning building. Nakashima then smashed the door down with a shoulder charge. He winced a little though.

'Okaaaaaaay….ow. Never doing that again.'Nakashima thought, wincing. He then looked around, and saw a baby trapped in it's room, so he bundled the little one up in it's blankets, and handed it and a dog to the woman.

"Bless you, young sir!" said the woman. Suddenly, Nakashima looked to see what appeared to be a humanoid, six armed bio-mechanical monster that resembled a merger between a star-nosed mole and a goliath bird-eating spider.

"Well, lookie-lookie what we have here. A little goody-goody two-shoes Boy Scout playing 'hero'." said Mogurachnid, with a sad*stic look. "Those types of people make me f*cking sick!"

"Wanna bet?" said Nakashima, as he entered a boxing stance, and managed to land some jabs and hooks on Mogurachnid. However, his knuckles were bleeding a little due to Mogurachnid's tough exoskeleton.

"Was that supposed to hurt?" said Mogurachnid, sneering. "If that's the case: IT'SMYTURN NOW!" With that, Mogurachnid then snapped Nakashima's right arm at the elbow-joint, resulting in an open fracture with some of Nakashima's arm-bone poking out of his skin.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Nakashima screamed, to the point his throat was going to go raw. Mogurachnid then stomped on Nakashima's knees, breaking both of his lower-legs. Nakashima couldn't stand up and run, or fight back, and at the way things were going, he was about to be turned into a rotting corpse.

"Just who, or what evenareyou, anyways?" said Nakashima, wincing.

"I happen to be a Darkmare. And the name's Mogurachnid." said Mogurachnid, with a sad*stic gleam in his eye, as he was going to rip Nakashima's heart out of his chest. "SAY YOUR GOODBYES, YOU WORTHLESS HUMAN!"

"NOT HAPPENING, YOU DISGUSTING MONSTER!" said a voice, as Jerome arrived and shot at Mogurachnid with a handgun similar to the TM59 Blaster Pistol fromStar Wars: The Old Republic. The laser rounds had actually punctured holes in Mogurachnid's body and made him bleed.

"GAHHHHH! DAMN YOU! GODDAMN YOU! WE'LL MEET AGAIN, EARTHLINGS! ONLYNEXTTIME, YOU WON'TBEAS f*ckING LUCKY!" Mogurachnid snarled with venom in his voice, as he teleported back to theNightmare Fortress. Nakashima's semi-conscious body was loaded into the jeep, and they drove off.

This was witnessed by the Giganoidians, who were shocked by this whole ordeal.

"Well, this proves to be troublesome," said Gextral, shocked and annoyed. "That human was brandishing a gun thatACTUALLYmade Mogurachnid bleed."

"And he interfered in his mission! Who the Hell evenwashe!?" Kevdar snapped, aggravated.

"It appears that the Human in question was a member of a government-founded militaristic group of soldiers, scholars, and scientists dedicated to protectingthisuniverse and others like it." said Zankord.

"Repair the damage inflicted onto Mogurachnid, and prepare him for this next invasion." said Giganidas.

"As you say, Lord Giganidas." said Gyrax, bowing before his master.

Later, it shows a group of scientists operating on an anesthetized Nakashima, fitting him with a bio-mechanical right arm, two bio-mechanical lower-legs, a tech-spine, and an internal heart-battery similar to the Uber-Pak fromTeam Fortress 2, but more advanced. They finished the job by implanting a gemstone known as the Galaxy Crystal implanted inside of Nakashima. After they were finished up, Nakashima stirred and opened his eyes.

"Whuh…?" Nakashima wondered, as he sat up slowly.

"Easy there, son. You've been throughliteralHell." said one of the scientists.

"What the Hell's going on? Where evenAMI, anyways?" Nakashima asked, confused.

"You're in the operating room at our home base." said Jerome, as he walked up to Nakashima. "My name is Professor Jerome Broslowsky, the head scientist. This is my colleague Dr. Jonah Smythe and his apprentice, Tetsuya Haganezawa." Dr. Smythe had black hair and auburn eyes, and wore a Periodic Table-themed 'Bazinga' shirt under a lab-coat, jeans, and brown dress-shoes. Tetsuya had auburn hair, violet eyes, and wore a gray t-shirt, indigo-blue jeans, and Nike sneakers.

"Hello there, young man?" said Dr. Smythe, as he bowed in respect.

"Yo." said Tetsuya, smiling.

"Hello there." said Nakashima, as he then got to his feet. "That's odd. I wouldn't be able to stand ontwodestroyed legs. What's going on?"

"Well, when that monster attacked you, we had to save your life by fitting you with three bio-mechanical limbs, a tech-spine, and a heart-battery." said Jerome, explaining everything.

"Long story short: To save your life, we had to convert you into a cyborg." said Dr. Smythe.

"SWEET JESUS DIABETUS! You guys put robot-parts in me!?" Nakashima blurted out, shocked by this news. "How the heck is that even possible?"

"Well, quoting fromThe Six-Million Dollar Man: "We have the technology"." said Leland, quoting from a show he grew up watching as a young man. "My name is Leland Satsuma, the leader of the Multiversal Defense And Emergency Response Squadron, a government-funded group of soldiers, scholars, and scientists dedicated to protectingthisworld and others like it from evil forces."

"Hello there, sir." said Nakashima, as he shook Leland's hand.

"C'mon, I'll introduce you to the others." said Leland, as he showed Nakashima around. "This here is our field-captain, Genjiro Shimada and his son, Kentaro." the field-captain was dressed in a militaristic version of Jotaro Kujo's attire, and had black hair and indigo-blue eyes. His son had indigo hair and apple-green eyes, and wore a t-shirt themed after Gundam Exia, jean-shorts, and converse sneakers.

"Hello there, young man." said Genjiro, as he bowed in respect.

"Hiya, dude." said Kentaro, as he smiled at the college-aged young man.

"And this here is our newest member, Lieutenant Asuka Shimada." said Leland. Asuka was a 6'8 woman who resembled Haruka Yamaoka fromUndead Unluckmixed with Korra fromAvatar: The Legend Of Korra. She had waist-length indigo-blue hair, amethyst purple eyes, and was stacked, muscular, and busty with K-cup breasts and a thicc bubble-butt, as well as a magenta-colored heart tattoo on her right bicep. To Nakashima, she looked absolutely beautiful.

"Hello there, Nakashima. You must be our newest addition." said Asuka, sounding like Velvet Crowe fromTales Of Berseriamixed with a nicer-sounding Verosika Mayday. "My name is Asuka. It's a pleasure to meet you." she beamed a smile at him.

"Uhhh, H-hiya, Asuka." said Nakashima, blushing redder than a cherry pie.

"Nakashima, we have chosen you to protect our world, and others like it from the Giganoidians, a race of aliens who wish to rule over all life in the Multiverse." said Jerome, explaining everything. "You have the courage, and mental fortitude to stand up to injustice and protect those in need. You have been chosen to become….Kamen Rider Nebula."

"Kamen Rider….Nebula?" Nakashima wondered, curious. "Uhhhh,well truth be told, I don't wanna be themed after a bug."

"Not to worry, your Rider Motif is a Barbary Lion." said Asuka, revealing that Nakashima's rider motif was an extinct species of lion from Earth's Cenozoic era.

"Now, here are your Rider Machines." said Jerome, as he took Nakashima to see two vehicles: a motorcycle and a car. The motorcycle looked to be a modified 2024 HONDA CB400SF with a white, blue and gold color-scheme, and a lion head cowl in front of the handlebar similar to that of Brave Leon from Ryukendo. The car looked to be a modified 2024 HONDA NSX with a lion motif and a blue, white and gold color-scheme.

"The motorcycle here is the Stellar Chaser. It's armed with front-mounted laser cannons, form-changing tires, and it can morph into a humanoid robot form." said Jerome. "The car is the Galactic Prowler. It has a damage-proof exterior, and is armed with front-mounted laser cannons, side-mounted machine-guns and a hood-mounted rocket-launcher." Nebula Streaker then transformed into a humanoid robot based off of Cruise fromPower Rangers Beast Morphers, but with a lion motif, with his head being similar to the Beast-X King Zord in battle mode mixed with Gaon fromZenkaiger.

"Hi there, Nakashima! My name is Stellar Chaser, and wherever ya wanna go, I can get'cha there in a zim-zam second!" said Nebula Streaker, greeting Nakashima in an energetic tone-of-voice.

"Now, Stellar, there's no need for you to brag about yourself, onlyIget to do that." said Jerome, with a strict tone-of-voice.

"Right, sorry doc." said Stellar, bowing in apology.

"He's conceited but humble." said Jerome, revealing this part of the Rider Machine's personality. They then heard an alarm klaxon.

"Oh crap! Sounds like Mogurachnid is causing mayhem in town again!" said Jerome, shocked. "Nakashima, it's time to try out your newfound powers to defeat him."

"Gotcha." said Nakashima, as Stellar did a backflip and converted into his motorcycle mode.

"To transform into Rider Form, the activation phrase is 'Ectophase Activate', like what Prince Dex of Edenoi used to become Masked Rider to fight the monsters of Count Dregon." said Leland.

"Gotcha, sir." said Nakashima. With that, the hangar doors opened up, and Nakashima rode off on Stellar Chaser.

Meanwhile, it shows Mogurachnid fighting against the SWAT team, who were armed with AK-47 rifles.

"FIRE AT WILL!" shouted the commander, as they opened fire on the mole/spider hybrid Darkmare, who chuckled darkly as the bullets bounced off of his skin.

"Uhhh, ifthat'sthe case: beat him up at will!" said another soldier, as they charged at Mogurachnid, only to have the snot beaten out of them by the monster's six bare fists. Several soldiers were covered in cuts and bruises, and most were missing a few of their teeth.

"Nice try, worthless Humans! But, there's nobody here that can save you now!"

"THAT'S WHERE I MOST PASSIONATELY DISAGREE WITH YOU THERE, SCUM-sh*t!" said a voice, as Nakashima arrived on Stellar Chaser, and dismounted from his bike.

"Oh, it'syouagain." said Mogurachnid. "I was sure that I put you out of commission with permanent injuries. But,THIStime, I'll be sending you straight to the county morgue!"

"I'd like to see youtryand make that happen, you disgusting monster!" said Nakashima. With that, he did the same poses as Kohtaro Minami did to become Kamen Rider BLACK-RX mixed with his poses as Kamen Rider BLACK as a belt that resembled the Arcle mixed with the Vital Charger appeared on his waist.


"ECTOPHASE ACTIVATE!" Nakashima exclaimed, as there was a strobe-light effect and Nakashima transformed into an armored figure themed after a lion. He looked like Kamen Rider Revi in his Lion Genome, but his helmet was a merger between Lion Genome Revi, White Leo Revi, and Kamen Rider Horan, a lion-themed DGP Rider. His armor was colored similar to Ryukendo in his base form, with a golden headpiece similar to Kuuga's Growing Form with a blue gemstone in the middle, and golden-yellow colored optics similar in shape to those of Kamen Rider Amazon Omega's. His gloves had clawed fingertips.

"No way…! This can't be possible!" Mogurachnid gasped, shocked. "Y-you're…!"

"I'm the child of the cosmos." said Nebula, as he did some poses. "Kamen Rider Nebula!"

"Different look, SAME FATE!" Mogurachnid roared, before he decided to call in some back-up "ZOMBORGS!" he bellowed, causing some bio-mechanical grunts that resembled the Giff Juniors summoned by the Deadmans monsters, but completely covered in skeleton-themed armor, with an indigo-blue, burgundy red, gunmetal gray and white color-scheme appeared. Nebula entered the stance for crane-style Shaolin Kung-Fu, and went to town on the Zomborgs, dispatching them left-and-right with various chops, kicks, punches and strikes, and knocked them all to the ground one-by-one, where they crumbled into slag after being defeated.

"You might've made short work out of the Zomborgs, but let's see how you fare against a Darkmare likeME!" Mogurachnid bellowed, as he fought Nebula in hand-to-hand combat.

"You think you're big, because you've got six arms!? You'd make Asura look ready to f*cking sue your ass off, bub!" said Nebula, as he popped Mogurachnid in the nose.

"SHUT THE f*ck UP! I'M A GODDAMNVILLAIN! I DON'T GIVE A sh*t ABOUT COPYRIGHT LAWS! NOTONEFLYING f*ck!" Mogurachne snapped, agitated. "You shouldknowby now that heroes just make things worse than normal! There is absolutelyNOway….no way in Hell that you canEVERhope to beat me! Just accept that fact, and slit your belly already!" he added, wanting our lion-themed cyborg Rider to commit hara-kiri.

(BGM: "Ketsuraku Automation" by ONE OK ROCK plays)

"Wanna f*ckin'BET, jerk-dish!?" said Nebula, as he then cracked Mogurachnid in the face again, this time dealing more damage to his nose.

"OWWWWWWW! MY NOSE! YOU BROKE MY GODDAMN NOSE, YOU f*ck-HEADED LITTLE PRICK!" Mogurachnid yowled, instantly triggered. He swung at Nebula again, only for the lion-themed cyborg Rider to counter all of his strikes using snake-style Shaolin Kung-Fu, and he then switched to tiger-style and started thrashing and bashing Mogurachnid with his bare fists, Kazuma Kiryu style. His right gauntlet started glowing with energy.

"RIDER PUNCH!" Nebula bellowed, as he cracked Mogurachnid in the jaw hard enough to stagger the mole/spider hybrid monster. Nebula then jumped into the air and spun in mid-air, before coming back down with a flying side kick with his boots glowing with energy.

"RIDER KICK!" Nebula roared, as his attack then connected, finishing the job.


(BGM Ends)

"I…I did it! I won! Holy cow, I won!" Nebula exclaimed, elated. Some SWAT team members then walked up to Nebula.

"Thanks for saving our collective skins. You got a name, Kamen Rider?" the SWAT captain asked, curious.

"The name's Kamen Rider Nebula." said Nebula, introducing himself. "And I'll be protecting this universe and others like it from monsters like him, no matter what the cost!"

With that, Nebula walked back to his bike, and drove off.

"Godspeed, Kamen Rider Nebula!" said the SWAT captain.

Meanwhile, back onboard theNightmare Fortress, we look to see Giganidas looking absolutely livid with seeing that Mogurachnid had been destroyed.

"No…No…! NO!" Giganidas roared, furious as he banged his fist on his throne. "CURSE YOU, KAMEN RIDER NEBULA!" he bellowed, shaking his fist in retribution.

"Milord, calm down!" said Zankord, showing concern. "Remember your blood-pressure!"

"He's right. Thelastthing we need is for you to keel over dead on the spot from a stroke." said Kevdar. Giganidas took a deep breath, and exhaled.

"No matter. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take over every world in the known Multiverse." said Giganidas. "And besides: we have a bevy of monsters to terrorize all the worlds!"

"LONG LIVE THE GIGANOIDIAN ARMY!" said Giganidas and his generals.

"That was an impressive victory, Nakashima." said Leland, as he shook hands with the young lion-themed Cyborg Rider.

"Thanks a bunch, sir." said Nakashima, smiling. He then realized something. "OH sh*t! My auntie and uncle are gonna be worried sick!"

"Calm down, we informed them. And they're actually okay with you being a hero." said Jerome. "Plus, we'll be having your local college fax you your homework while we're off traveling the Multiverse."

"Wait. So, the Multiverse Theory that was founded by Hugh Everett is….real?" said Nakashima, stunned to hear this information.

"Oh, it's real alright." said Leland, as they showed Nakashima a ship that resembled a Defender light-class corvette fromStar Wars: The Old Republicmixed with the Astro Megaship fromPower Rangers In Space.

"Meet theStarstreaker." said Jerome, revealing the name of their dimension-traveling ship.

"Your friends, Daigo, Carter, Courtney and Taiga are accompanying us as well." said Leland, as Nakashima's friends arrived in the uniforms for the group.

(Author's Note: The uniforms for the M.D.A.E.R.S members are based off of the GUTS-Select and STORAGE uniforms from theUltramanfranchise.)

"We're gonna make sure that our world and others like it are safe from those Giganoidian bastards," said Carter.

"Thanks, you guys." said Nakashima, smiling at his closest childhood friends.

"Alright, everyone, our first stop is in Beverly Hills, California, where we'll be working with the agents of W.O.O.H.P and The Center in defending their home dimension from any monster attacks," said Leland, as Nakashima and co. then boarded theStarstreaker, which then lifted off and flew through a dimensional rift.

(End of Chapter 1)

(Cue Ending Song: "Vandalize" by ONE OK ROCK)

(It shows Nakashima/Nebula riding his motorcycle on a racetrack during a cloudy day)

Sound the alarm

Shatter me like glass

Covered in scars

But roses are coming through the cracks

Time that you killed

You promised to help me rebuild

It caught me off guard

Sound the alarm

Said you'd keep me safe, now you're tearing me down

Am I laid to waste, now that you're not around?

Come and leave your mark

Vandalize my heart

f*ck the pain away, my bed is in ruins

Need you in my veins, don't know how you do it

Come and leave your mark

Vandalize my heart

(End of ED)

Next time, onKamen Rider Nebula:Nakashima/Nebula and co. arrive in Beverly Hills, California, where they meet Sam Sullivan, Clover Andersson, Alex Huang, the Clark Siblings, Blaine Darson, Dean Matthews, Britney Kanezawa, and Alex, Sam and Clover's mothers, as well as Martin Mystery, Diana Lombard, Java The Caveman, and Billy The Alien, as they investigate a string of brutal attacks going on that have left citizens of Beverly Hills either too scared to leave home or in the emergency room, that's when a new Darkmare appears to cause problems. Meanwhile, Sam, Clover, and Alex's archenemy, Mandy, comes into contact with the long-since-thought-to-be-defunct group, Deadmans, and a Deadman is born, and the two-man Kamen Rider, Ikki Igarashi and his Inner Devil, Vice arrive to help Nebula turn the tide of battle. Can Nakashima/Nebula and co. stop the monster attacks before any civilian casualties turn up? Find out in Chapter 2: Monster Attacks Are So Passe!

Kamen Rider Nebula - Chapter 1 - PHANTOMKNIGHTMARE47 (2024)
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