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Hello, everyone! PHANTOMKNIGHTMARE47 here, with the fifth chapter ofKamen Rider Nebula. In this chapter, Nakashima/Nebula and co. arrive in the universe ofDanny Phantom, where they meet the Human-Ghost hybrid hero, Danny Fenton, AKA Danny Phantom and his friends in Amity Park. They learn that a new Darkmare is causing havoc in Amity Park. Not only that, but Paulina Sanchez and Dash Baxter have been given Dopant Memories, so Nakashima and co. team up with the two-in-one detective Veteran Rider, Shotaro Hidari and Raito Sonozaki/Philip, AKA Kamen Rider Double!

Disclaimer:Same as last chapter.

It shows Nakajima in his personal quarters aboard theStarstreaker, in a passionate make-out session with Ms. Nekonome.

"You're a good kisser." said Nakashima, smiling at the nekomata teacher.

"Thanks, sweetums." said Shizuka, as she gave Nakashima a peck on the cheek. Nakashima smiled and blushed. "And feel free to call me Shizuka."

"Alrighty then, Shizuka." said Nakashima, smiling a little.

"Alrighty, everyone! We're about to arrive at our destination!" said Jerome, over the ship's intercom. Everyone got strapped in, as theStarstreakerthen flew through a dimensional rift.

(Opening Song: "The Howl Towards Tomorrow" by JAM Project Plays)


It shows the various Kamen Riders: Ichigo, Nigo, V3, RiderMan, X, Amazon, Stronger, Skyrider, Super-1, BLACK, BLACK-RX, Shin, ZO, J, Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva, Decade, Double, OOO, Fourze, Wizard, Gaim, Drive, Ghost, Ex-Aid, Build, Zi-O, Zero-One, Saber, Revice, Geats, and so on, as it then showed Nakashima.

[Tachiagare kedakaku mae sadame wo uketa senshi yo]

It shows Nakashima, with his friends, Daigo Kanezawa, Courtney Tezuka, Courtney's fraternal twin brother, Carter, and Taiga Segawa

[Sen no kakugo mi ni matoi kimi yo ooshiku habatake!]

It shows the group get to their feet, and are headed to a location, as the logo for Kamen Rider Nebula appears.

[Yami no jidai wo tsugeru kane ga tooku nari hibiku]

It shows Nakashima training in the local dojo, whereas Daigo is playing video-games, Courtney is practicing dance, Carter is doing motocross, and Masato is drawing.
[Tatakau tomo yo ima kimi ha shi mo osorezu]

It shows Nakashima's relatives, and some more of his school-friends. As well as the allies Nakashima makes in his interdimensional travels, such as Tsukune Aono, Kenichi Shirahama, the Agents of W.O.O.H.P, the Maximals, the Crystal Gems, Danny Phantom, Team Sonic, the Revenants, the Order Of Mata-Nui, Ruby's Group, the Avengers, the Justice League, U.A High-School Class 1-A, Inuyasha, the Elric Brothers, the French Miraculous Superhero Team, the Hazbin Hotel crew, I.M.P, and so on.

[Gareki no machi wo somete shizumu yuuhi ha kurenai]

It shows the members of the Multiversal Defense And Emergency Response Squadron, composed of Commander Leland Satsuma, Professor Jerome Broslowski, Dr. Jonah Smythe, Field Captain Genjiro Shimada, and Lieutenant Ayame Kanezawa.
[Aisuru hoshi no mirai wo mamoru tame]

It shows the Giganoidians, which were composed of the swordsman, Zankord, the war-general, Gextral, the assassin, Kevdar, the jester, Gyrax, and their leader, Giganidas.

[Oo kami no yaiba ha hito no ai]

It shows the people running, as the Zomborgs terrorize the people, until Nakashima manages to fend some of them off.
[Inori wo komete tsuranuke!]

Nakashima does the movements needed to transform, and says "Ectophase Activate!", as he then transforms into Rider Form.

[Tachiagare kedakaku mae sadame wo uketa senshi yo]

Nebula then fights against the Zomborgs in hand to hand combat, using various martial arts styles, until he slides a Grid-Card across the top of his belt, summoning a sword.
[Asu no heiwa he no ishizue to nare]

Nebula then slashes and slices through the Zomborgs with his weapon, cutting them down one by one.
[Atsuku nare ookiku sake ten ni sasageshi inochi yo]

It shows several other Riders, ready to help in defeating the Giganoidians, as Nebula fights Zankord in a sword-duel, and there are various other forms of Nebula's, brandishing a corresponding weapon.
[Yowakimono no tate to nare sosh*te sekai wo michibike]

Nebula does his Galactic Rider Kick on a Darkmare, destroying it in a single hit, before driving off on his motorcycle.

(End of OP)

Chapter 5:Ghosts, Riders, And Detectives! Oh My!

Location: Amity Park, Indiana.

TheStarstreakermade a landing in the woods of Amity Park, which was located in Indiana. Nakashima exited the craft, alongside Leo, Splinter, Usagi, Casey, Sam, Clover, Alex, Martin, Diana, and Java.

"Amity Park looks like a pretty nice place." said Usagi, taking notice of the landscapes.

"Yeah. Especially at nighttime, Usagi-san." said Leo, smiling. They heard a commotion, and looked to see a young man with white hair and green eyes in a black and white costume with a stylized 'DP' in the center of his chest fighting an evil ghost. The young man was Danny Fenton, AKA Danny Phantom. Danny had a normal life, although his eccentric parents were ghost-hunters who built a device that was said to act as the gateway between the Human world and the Ghost Zone. At first, they thought it was a flop, until Danny decided to examine it further, until a freak-accident had turned Danny into a Halfa, a Human infused with Ghost energy. Danny has used his parents' ghost capturing technology to capture any ghosts that terrorized the people of Amity Park. He even saved Amity Park from the Disasteroid, and a majority of his friends, including his parents, sister, and teacher know of him being a hero.

"Stand still, you whelp!" said Skulker. Skulker was known for being the Ghost Zone's 'Greatest Hunter'.

"Not gonna happen, Skulker!" said Danny, as he fired ecto-energy blasts from his hands at Skulker

"Hey, DP! Need a hand?" said a voice, as Nebula arrived on his bike, armed with the CosmoSlasher.

"Yeah. To be honest, Icoulduse the backup from a fellow Hero!" said Danny, smiling a little. Danny and Nebula then fought against Skulker together

"Two against one, Istillf*ckin' like my odds!" said Skulker, smirking. He lunged at Danny, only to get blasted in the face.

"Gotcha!" said Danny, smirking.

"You're dead-meat, ghost-child!" Skulker roared, absolutely livid as he charged at Danny, only for Nebula to slice Skulker's mechanical body in half, straight down the middle. Skulker's true form was there, taking on the appearance of a small blobby ghost with limbs.

"YIPE!" Skulker yelped, as he attempted to make a run for it. Danny whipped out the Fenton Thermos, and sucked Skulker in.

"CURSE YOU, YOU WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!" Skulker bellowed as he was sucked into the device.

"Like I haven't heardthatone before." said Danny, scowling. He then faced Nebula and co. "Thanks for the help."

"No problem. I'm Kamen Rider Nebula. It'salwaysa pleasure to help out a fellow hero." said Nebula, smiling at the Human-Ghost Hybrid hero. Nebula then powered-down, as did Danny. "Myrealname is Nakashima. Nakashima Kazuma."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Nakashima-san." said Danny.

Meanwhile, with the Giganoidians, they were looking at a new Darkmare that resembled a merger between an Egyptian Cobra and an Arizona Bark Scorpion.

"Scorpobra, at your service." said the Darkmare, as he knelt before his masters.

"This Darkmare has a hallucinogenic venom hidden within his fangs and tail-stinger." said Gextral, explaining Scorpobra's power.

"Excellent. Teach the people of Amity Park theTRUEmeaning of fear!" said Giganidas, instructing Scorpobra.

"As you say, milord!" said Scorpobra as he was beamed down to Earth.

Later, it showed Danny speaking with Nakashima, Diana, and Martin.

"So, you datin' anyone?" said Diana.

"Actually….no…No, I'm not." said Danny, admittedly. "I had my heart broken by a member of the A-Listers, Paulina Sanchez."

"Man, why do most girls like her gotta be so high-maintenance?" said Martin, scowling.

"I dunno." said Danny, admittedly.


"For the umpteenth f*cking time, Fenton! I don't like you! In fact, I never did! I hate you!" said Paulina, as she berated Danny. "So stay the Hell away from me, unless you wanna end up getting shanked!"

"Well now, Fenturd, you've got some major guts trying to flirt with my girl." said a voice belonging to Dash Baxter, one of the jocks who were part of the A-Listers. He picked up Danny by the front of his shirt. "Too bad that I'm gonna make sure a loser like yourselfNEVERforgets me!" he then pulled up part of Danny's shirt, and grabbed a knife from his pocket, ready to carve his name on Danny's gut.

"Back off, NOW!" said a voice, as Kwan then cracked Dash in the jaw. "You have no right to bully Danny or his friends!"

"Sure we do, we're better than everyone else!" said Paulina.

"No, you're just hateful, spiteful bullies who think they've never faced the consequences of their actions." said Star, as she glared at Dash and Paulina "Well guess what, that all changes." Principal Ishiyama walked up to Dash and Paulina.

"Well, if it isn't Principal whor*." said Dash, with a scowl.

"Dashiell Baxter and Paulina Sanchez, for the offenses of bringing a weapon to campus, and committing hate-crimes based around religion, nationality, and sexual orientation, the both of you areofficiallyexpelled from Casper High!" said Principal Ishiyama.

"Go ahead. We'll burn your house down with you locked inside of it tonight." said Dash, threatening to commit both arson of property and murder. Suddenly, Star's dad, Sheriff Devon Strong arrived.

"For that, the both of you are goingstraightto jail!" said Sheriff Strong, as he had Dash fitted with handcuffs. He then tried to cuff Paulina, but she tried to grab his handgun, only for Jazz to taser Paulina in the neck.

Afterwards, Paulina and Dash were dragged off-campus in handcuffs, and they were loaded into a cruiser, struggling as they were.

"You and your loser friendsbetterf*cking pray that Paulina and I neverget outta jail, Fenturd!" Dash snarled, as he was forced into the back. "YOU f*ckERS BETTERALLPRAY!" with that, Paulina and Dash were hauled off to prison.

"Good riddance to bad rubbish, as they say in London." said Tucker, scowling.

"Mr. Fenton, why don't you take a break from school for a while?" Principal Ishiyama suggested to Danny. "We'll be sure to fax you your schoolwork."

"Thanks, Principal Ishiyama." said Danny, smiling a little.

(end of flashback)

"Look, what Paulina did was no way for someone to act." said Diana, facing Danny. "I'll be your new girlfriend, if you'd like."

"I'd like that. I'd actually like thatverymuch." said Danny, smiling a little.

"From what I've heard, Paulina and Dash are serving separate jail-sentences." said Tucker, facing Nakashima and co. "Dash is serving twelve years in jail, whereas Paulina is serving thirteen years in jail."

"Plus, they've been disowned by their families as well." said Danny's wealthy goth friend, Sam. Indeed, both Dash's family and Paulina's family had disowned them for what they've done.

Meanwhile, in the local jail, we look to see Dash in an orange prison jumpsuit. He was looking at a gray-colored USB flash-drive with a bony design and a stylized 'R' on it, while Paulina had one with a purple coloration and a stylized 'P' on it.

"Fenton and his friends are gonna pay in blood for what they've caused our lives to become." said Dash, scowling. He then pressed the button on the object.



With that, Dash and Paulina both transformed into monsters based on a humanoid white rhinoceros, and a humanoid pteranodon.

(Author's Note: Dash's Dopant Form is based off of Metalgerasu fromKamen Rider Ryukimixed with Insomniac Rhino from theSpider-Mangames, whereas Paulina's Dopant Form is based off of the female Pteranodon Yummy fromKamen Rider OOO, but colored like the male.)

"Looks like someone sold black-market GaiaMemories to a pair of teenagers who were expelled from high-school." said a voice belonging to Shotaro Hidari. With him was Raitou Sonozaki, AKA Philip. Shotaro and Philip were detectives who solved crimes involving criminals that used Dopant Memories to transform into monsters. To combat them, Shotaro and Philip used a transformation belt to become the two-in-one detective Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Double.

"Appears so, Shotaro." said Philip, as he took notice of this on the Bat Camera.

Meanwhile, it showed Sam at the doctor's office, where she was getting some shocking news.

"Iron-Deficiency Anemia?" Sam gasped, shocked. The IV bags full of Sam's blood were yellow instead of red.

"Afraid so, Ms. Manson. You're just not getting enough protein in your system." said the doctor.

"That explains the dizzy-spells," said Tucker, worried.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to start eating meat every once and a while," said Sam. "Maybe I can be a flexitarian."

"Flexitarian? Wassat?" said Star, confused.

"A flexitarian is a vegetarian who sometimes eats meat." said Kwan, explaining everything.

"Ah, OK." said Star. "Maybe I can have the local ramen poke-bowl joint make Sam a bowl of beef miso ramen with flank-steak?"

"Thanks." said Sam, smiling a little. Sam was of the Jewish faith, so she couldn't eat pork.

"Police reports of there being a monster attack going on near the business district! Officers are on standby!"said a voice on the radio.

"A monster attack?" said Tucker.

"As a fellow hero, specifically a Kamen Rider, Ifightmonsters." said Nakashima, as he walked towards his bike. Stellar Chaser did a backflip, and turned into his bike-mode.

"Let's rev it up, baby! VROOM-VROOM!" said Stellar Chaser, as Nakashima then transformed into his Rider Form at will and climbed on. Nebula then drove off, with him being allied with a man wearing a biker's helmet.

"Need a hand?" said the man.

"Wait! You're Shotaro Hidari!" said Nebula, recognizing one of his Senpai Riders. "And that means Philip's with you. Boy, you guys are alongway away from Fuuto City!"

"Yeah. We arrived here via a portal." said Shotaro, confirming this. "Turns out, someone sold Dopant Memories from the black-market to two disgruntled young-adults who were expelled from this town's local high-school."

"Good grief on a stick, hasn't Foundation X learnedanythingabout the consequences of a minor using Dopant Memories!?" said Nebula, knowing about how three separate high-school students used a Dopant Memory to become the Bird Dopant

"We're gonna need all the help we can get." said Shotaro. The two then looked to see Scorpobra causing havoc with the Rhinoceros Dopant and Pteranodon Dopant.

"That's as far as you go!" said Nebula, as he dismounted from his bike.

"Oh really? And you're gonna stop us? You, and that worthless civvie?"said the Rhinoceros Dopant, sneering. Shotaro took out the Double-Driver, and attached it to his waist. Another Double-Driver appeared on Philip's waist, as he took out a green USB flash-drive with a silver plug, while Shotaro took out a black one with a gold plug.



"Henshin!" said Shotaro and Philip, as Philip inserted the Cyclone Memory into the right port of his Double-Driver, and it teleported to Shotaro's belt, transferring Philip's soul, as Shotaro plugged in both GaiaMemories, and spread out the ports of the DoubleDriver.


With that, Shotaro was clad in armor that had a vertical split, the left half was black with purple lines, while the right half was green with gold lines. The helmet had red optics. This was the two-in-one detective Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Double.

"Now, it's time to count up for your sins!" said Double, as he pointed at the two Dopants and the Darkmare.

"BASTAAAAAAAARDS….!" Scorpobra snarled, as he summoned some Zomborgs to help him out.

"We'll squash you f*ckers flat!" the Rhinoceros Dopant roared, furious.

(BGM: "W-B-X ~W Boiled eXtreme by Aya Kamiki & Takuya plays)

Nebula took out a new Grid-Card, and slid it across the top of his belt.

[Marine System, Activate Go!]

With that, Nebula's armor turned blue, aquamarine, and cyan, and his optics turned orange. He then slid another Grid-Card across the top of his belt.

[Marine Lancer, Equip-On!]

A futuristic trident appeared in Nebula's hand, and he entered a fighting-stance with it. He then fought the Zomborgs and Scorpobra, while Double fought against the Rhinoceros and Pteranodon Dopants.

"We're going to make you f*ckers wish that you'veneverleft Japan!"said the Pteranodon Dopant, as she slashed at Double with her claws. She then unleashed an ultrasonic screech at the two-in-one Rider, sending him skidding back, and the Rhinoceros Dopant spewed pressurized gasses from the vents on his back and charged at Double, sending him crashing through a wall with a shoulder charge.

"HAHA! I bet you didn't expect that, huh?"said the Rhinoceros Dopant, as he noticed a GaiaMemory themed like a bird turn Philip's body into data and fly towards Double's location.


(BGM Changes to "Xtreme Dream" by Labor Day)

Double walked towards the two Dopants, with a new form. This was Double's final-form: CycloneJokerXtreme.

"Different look, same outcome!"said the Rhinoceros Dopant, as he charged at Double, who drew the Prism-Sword from the Bicker-Shield, and slashed his horn off."YIPE! My horn!"he yelped in shock, eyes widened.

"Wehighlyrecommend pissing yourselves. Followed by a course of praying to your impotent God." said Shotaro's voice.

"You quoted that fromHellsing Ultimate, didn't you?" said Philip's voice.

"Yeppers." said Shotaro, smirking. Double was now fighting the two Dopants much more seriously now, and he took out the Joker and Cyclone Memories with the Heat and Luna Memories.

[Cyclone:Maximum Drive!]

[Heat:Maximum Drive!]

[Luna:Maximum Drive!]

[Joker:Maximum Drive!]

"Bicker Finallusion!" said Double, as he fired a prismatic beam from the Bicker-Shield at the Pteranodon Dopant, blasting her out of the air. The Pteranodon Memory shattered, as Paulina collapsed, battered and bruised.

"PAULINA!"the Rhinoceros Dopant gasped, shocked."YOU SONS OF BITCHES!"he got angry at Double, who decided to repeat the process with the memories, and pressed part of the Bicker-Shield.

"Bicker Charge Break!" said Double, as he yanked out the Prism-Sword, and slashed the Rhinoceros Dopant with it.

"DAMMIT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!"the Rhinoceros Dopant screamed, as there was a large explosion. The Rhinoceros Memory shattered, with Dash battered and bruised.

"Case closed." said Double, as he turned back to Shotaro and Philip. Suddenly, Dash and Paulina struggled to get up, and attempted to make a run for it, with the detective Riders chasing them.

Later, it showed Nebula fighting against Scorpobra with his weapon, and dispatching any Zomborgs that tried to get in the way.

"You're no match for me! When I'm done with you, I'll poison this world's water-supply, and there'snothingyou can do to stop me!" said Scorpobra, snarling.

"Wanna bet!?" said Nebula, as he then kicked Scorpobra in the groin.

"AAAAAAHHHH! My jewels!" Scorpobra yelped, with watering eyes. Nebula then focused energy into the tip and prongs of the Marine Lancer.

"Tidal Thrust!" said Nebula, as he jabbed a vital area in Scorpobra's midsection. Scorpobra let out a gut-wrenching screech before he finally exploded.

Later, it showed Danny being cornered by Dash. "DASH!?" Danny blurted out, shocked.

"You think you're big!? You think you and your loser friends are f*ckingbig, Fenton!?" said Dash, visibly deranged due to usage of the Rhinoceros Memory. "You cost me and Paulina our futures! Our families cast us out after we were kicked out of school! I wasnearlymolested on several instances!"

"Hey, you brought that expulsion from school and jail-sentence on yourselves!" said Kwan, scowling at Dash.

"Well, I'm gonna make sure you losersneverforget me!" he then pulled out a pocket-knife, and pulled up the middle of Danny's shirt, ready to carve his name on Danny's stomach like last time, until Diana grabbed Dash's wrist and snapped his arm in half at the elbow before kicking him in the groin and then slamming her knee into his face.

"Like Kwan said: You brought getting expelled from school and society all on yourselves." said Diana, glaring at the jock-boy. "The same goes for your slu*t girlfriend, Sanchez."

"We're your superiors!" said Paulina, also unhinged due to the effects of the Dopant Memory she used.

"No, you're just whiny children in young-adult bodies who bitch, complain, and throw temper-tantrums just to get what they want." said Britney, scowling at Dash and Paulina.

"Especially in the case of when 'what they want'doesn'twant them back." said Blaine, also scowling. The police arrived.

"Dashiell Baxter, you and Paulina Sanchez are now serving even longer in prison." said Sheriff Strong, as the disgraced former jock and former queen-bee were loaded into a police cruiser by force.

"Here's hoping that we'll never see them again." said Tucker.

Later, Danny, Jazz, Tucker, Sam, Kwan and Star were onboard theStarstreaker.

"So, the Multiverse Theory reallyisreal." said Tucker, with a stunned expression on his face.

"Yep." said Nakashima, confirming this.

"We'll have your school fax you your homework so that your grades don't tank while we travel the Multiverse." said Prof. Broslowski.

"Thanks." said Danny, smiling a little.

"Alrighty then, everyone, our next destination is the universe ofStar Wars." said Leland, as everyone then got strapped in, and theStarstreakerflew through a dimensional rift.

(End of Chapter 5)

(Cue Ending Song: "Vandalize" by ONE OK ROCK)

(It shows Nakashima/Nebula riding his motorcycle on a racetrack during a cloudy day)

Sound the alarm

Shatter me like glass

Covered in scars

But roses are coming through the cracks

Time that you killed

You promised to help me rebuild

It caught me off guard

Sound the alarm

Said you'd keep me safe, now you're tearing me down

Am I laid to waste, now that you're not around?

Come and leave your mark

Vandalize my heart

f*ck the pain away, my bed is in ruins

Need you in my veins, don't know how you do it

Come and leave your mark

Vandalize my heart

(End of ED)

Next time, onKamen Rider Nebula:Nakashima and co. arrive in the universe ofStar Wars, where they encounter the crew of theStinger Mantis, the Spectres, Clone Force 99, and some other new allies. They learn that the former Galactic Republic senator, Mon Mothma, and a Republic supporter, Tilna The Hutt have had their lives threatened by someone who wants to see to it that the Jedi Order doesn't come back, and a new Darkmare terrorizes the people of Kashyyyk. Can our heroes stop this threat? Find out in Chapter 5: Intergalactic Adventures!

Kamen Rider Nebula - Chapter 5 - PHANTOMKNIGHTMARE47 (2024)
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