Kiddions Mod Menu for GTA5 Online Scripts (2024)

Kiddions Modest Menu


The functions of the Modest Menu can be extended with scripts from the community. There is not a single feature that cannot be enhanced with a script.
Choose from many below.

The current GTA:O Version is 1.68.


Download and extract your script from below


Place the script .lua inside the Modest Menu "scripts" folder


Reload scripts / Restart game and verify your script shows up under the script section

Ultimate Controller | script v1.67 ✔

This is the most used script for the Modest Menu, it is an powerful all-rounder, the script extends the functions of the Modest Menu in many ways.


Ultimate Menu | script v2.0 ✔

This script should actually be rather a mod menu all on it's own, it adds many new useful features. With the script you can adjust all aspects of the game.


Unlock Everything | script v1.68 ✔

This simple script can unlock everything you wish from the game. For example, complete daily challenges or unlock all car colors and bennys mods.


Silent Night | script v1.68 ✔

Alongside CSYON, Silent Night is one of the most powerful scripts available.
Combine both, and you get every function you can imagine.
Or use it as backup, if some of the other scripts are outdated.


CSYON SubMenu | script v18 ✔

The most powerful script available, it's an entire submenu for Kiddion's Modest Menu.
Player menu, weapon options, money options and trolling are only a fraction of the available functions.


Ryze | script v1.67 ✔

This script is very similar to the Ultimate Menu and Ultimate Controller scripts. It even has its own sections with options for unlocks, online, protections and much more.
Note: The section "MU" stands for mostly updated, use with caution.


Model Changer | script v1.67 ✔

This script let's you change your character model. For example, you can become an animal or an NPC.
Note: If you want to revert to you default character, change sessions.


Reu Car Script | script v1.68 ✔

This script is perfect for every car enthusiast. It features drift, nitrous, rainbow and many other car mods.


Warehouse / Simple Manager | script v1.67 ✔

With the Warehouse / Simple Manager script you can edit the bunker, club, ceo missions and the hanger business, to get the highest payout.


OP Recovery V2.1 | script v1.68 ✔

This updated version of the recovery script has many options to make a lot of money.


Modded Vehicle List | list v1.68 ✔

This list contains 800+ modded cars and vehicles, just load the list and you can spawn all of them.


Grief / Troll Script | script v1.68 ✔

This script let's you grief and troll other players. You can select them in a list and choose from different options.
Note: To be used with caution, due to the noticeability of griefing there is a higher risk of getting banned.


NoClip | script v1.67 ✔

With this script you can enable NoClip to go wherever you want.


Money Remover | script v1.67 ✔

This script let's you remove and clean excess money.


Speedometer | script v1.66

This script can display your current speed on your license plate.
Note: Only works in Online Mode.


Player Stats Increase | script v1.67 ✔

This script let's you increase all your players stats.


Simple Vehicle Options | script v1.67 ✔

With this script you can heavily tune your car, such as adding F1/Benny wheels.
Note: F1/Benny wheels option only works in CEO office.


Dyno Test | script v1.66

This simple script let's you setup a speed trap.


Player Logger | script v1.66

This script let's you log players in your online session. It can also log modders separately.


HARTZ4 Mission Maker | script v1.66

This script auto completes the related mission to generate GTA$ and GTARP for you.
Note: The script only works on the provided mission, which you can find here.


More Protections | script v1.67 ✔

This script provides you with more and advanced protections, even against paid mod menus.


Report Protection | script v1.67 ✔

The Report Protection script allows you to view your current reports and lets you delete them.


Gender Change | script v1.67 ✔

This simple script allows you to do a gender change.


Diamond Outfits Unlocker | script v1.67 ✔

This script unlocks every Diamond Cas. outfit.


Diamond Final Script & Heist Cut Editor | script v1.67

This script helps you with the Diamond Heist. It lets you skip the entire preparation, it's also possible to change your final cut.
Note: You have to manually complete the Heist once for the script to work.


Diamond Fingerprint Skipper | script v1.64

This script let's you skip all the Diamond Cas. fingerprint panels for you. Within 1 second the doors will automatically unlock.
Note: Try to stay low if someone spectates or reports you. You may cause trouble to your account.


Lab Script | script v1.64

With this script you can change the value, decrease production time, change product capacity or set the supply cost.
Note: Don't exceed the maximum value of 2 Million in stock.


Cayo Final | script v1.66

This script can skip the entire preparation and let's you adjust all player cuts of the Cayo Perico Heist. It's even possible to give everyone a 100% cut.


Cayo Perico Cooldown Skip | script v1.61

This script can remove the cooldown of the Cayo Perico Heist. With this script you can do the heist as many times as you want.
Note: If you select the cooldown remove option, you have to re-join online.


Club & Shipment Stock 3.5mil | script v1.61

This script will let you instantly fill your club and shipment stock to 3.5 million.
Note: Don't sell more than 5 stock per day, or you will likely get bannend.


Reminder: All scripts were developed by the community, therefore the functionality cannot be guaranteed. Since the scripts are not tested by Kiddion, there may be an increased risk of banning.

We are neither the owner nor the developer of this software, therefore all credits go to the respective creator. This website only provides the user with the software for download. We are not responsible for any damage caused by this software.

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Kiddions Mod Menu for GTA5 Online Scripts (2024)
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