Mad Gab Rules: Learn How to Play Mad Gab Card Game (2024)

If you’re looking for an entertaining game that is totally different from the norm, be sure to give Mad Gab a go.

The game takes well-known phrases, but completely changes the words in that saying and turns it into a completely nonsensical sentence.

Players that are able to master the game will truly believe that it is Abe Less Sing, and if you understand that then you are ready to play!

If you are still struggling to understand the game concept, then don’t worry. We will explain everything you’ll need to know in our guide to the Mad Gab rules, including how to become a real pro at the game.

What Is Mad Gab?

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The key to understanding Mad Gab is about what you hear as opposed to what the other players are saying. Once you understand what they mean, you’ll wonder how you couldn’t hear the phrase beforehand.

Like games such as Unstable Unicorns, Mad Gab offers completely unique gameplay to fit in with what modern gamers expect. Something that is different from what you may have played before, yet still easy enough to quickly understand.

Number of Players Required: 2 – 12 players.

Who Can Play It: All Ages.

Difficulty: Easy, but can take a few rounds for everyone to understand.

Length of Play: 20 – 30 minutes.

Similar to: Hedbanz

Main Goal: In teams, correctly guess the most altered phrases within the time limit given and be the first team to reach 30 points.

Why we love it: As stated, Mad Gab offers a completely unique gameplay experience by taking a simple concept and forming it into a challenging game. The visible frustration on player’s faces when their teammates cannot identify a well-known phrase is hilarious to see as well.

Playing Mad Gab – What You’ll Need to play

As with any unique card game, having the correct set of cards is all that you’ll need for a successful game of Mad Gab.

Buy the official Mad Gab game set, which comes with:

  • 200 cards
  • 800 Mad Gab puzzles
  • 1 card flipper and card box
  • 1 30 second timer, with 3 numbered segments
  • 1 score pad

Also, ensure you have a pencil and a large surface to play, and you’ll be ready to go.

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Mad Gab Rules: Learn How to Play Mad Gab Card Game (2)

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How To Set Up Mad Gab

You don’t need too much setup when playing Mad Gab. Start off by dividing players up into 2 teams as they will be competing against one another for victory.

Once everyone is happy with the teams, decide whether you’ll be playing with the easier blue side or the more difficult orange side. If playing with younger players, start them off with the blue side so that the game is more balanced.

Mad Gab Rules and Gameplay

Although they are not required to play Mad Gab, the game recommends giving players certain roles to fulfill throughout the game.

  • The Guesser – This is the person or people who hear the phrase and is the only member(s) of the team who can guess for that round.
  • The Coach – A fellow team member who can look at the answer and offer hints to help out.
  • The Stealer – Nominated before the round. This person from the other team can guess the answer if the time runs out before the correct answers get given.
  • The Scorekeeper – Either a neutral player or an honest member of the other team. This role keeps everything fair and ensures the coach cannot give too obvious hints. They also are in control of the timer.

Starting the Game

Decide on a way to choose which team starts, such as whoever has the youngest player or who’s name comes first in the alphabet. Whatever you all decide is fair.

The team who starts is the Solving team, and the other team is the Stealing team. These switch after every round.

Load the cards into the card flipper. Once teams assign everyone their beginning roles and the game is successfully set up, Mad Gab can begin.

How to Play Mad Gab – Video Tutorial

Remember, the idea behind the Mad Gab rules is about what you hear, not what gets said.

So players will need to think outside the box when hearing certain words to figure out what they could possibly mean.

The solving team starts the game by having the Coach pick out a card of the flipper and the Scorekeeper turns the timer over.

The Guesser(s) then needs to guess the phrase that the Coach is trying to say and attempts to get as many correct that’s on the card within the time limit.

If any get read out but not identified by the Solving team, then at the end of the time limit the nominated Stealer can have a guess at the answer. They only have 10 seconds to do this.

There are 3 puzzles on each card to identify, with a bonus on offer for any player that gets their original 3 correct. The Scorekeepers will note down which segment the timer was in when the 3rd correct answer got given.

If a player is able to get all 3 correct, they get to guess from another card until time expires.

Scoring In Mad Gab

For a team to win, they need to amass 30 points across rounds. The first team to do this are the winners of the game.

Points are as followed:

  • 1 point for every Mad Gab identified by the Guesser within the time limit.
  • 1 point for any bonus Mad Gab identified after the original 3.
  • 1 point awarded to the Stealer’s team for every Mad Gab they get correct that got missed by the Solving team.
  • Bonus points, either 1, 2, or 3 depending on which numbered segment the timer was on when all 3 Mad Gabs were correctly identified.

Teams alternate turns with a different player fulfilling a different role on both teams until one team is able to amass 30 points.

At that point, the team with 30 points becomes the winners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Mad Gab rules can you adjust to make the game harder or easier?

You can amend the roles of each player to change the difficulty, for example, you can add in more people to be Guessers or Stealers.

You can also have a mix of blue and orange difficulty cards so that everyone can feel included depending on the skill or age of various players.

Can you add your own Mad Gabs into the game?

Although there aren’t any blank cards to use, doing this is definitely encouraged especially if you are planning on playing many games of Mad Gab.

If there’s a certain phrase that a member of your group says, then add that to the game for some guaranteed laughs.

Alternative games to Mad Gab

Although the Mad Gab rules are definitely unlike other more conventional games if you choose to add it to your game’s repertoire.

Combine it with the Hedbanz rules to ensure that you truly have a whacky card evening, with that game also offering unique yet hilarious gameplay.

Alternatively, you may want to look up the Apples to Apple’s rules, another card game with a difference and may also be unlike anything else you’ve played before.

If you’re looking for traditional games that are a bit more conventional, then check out our guide to the official domino rules for a truly classical game.

Mad Gab Rules:  Learn How to Play Mad Gab Card Game (2024)
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