Makeup for Beginners: how to apply makeup: (step-by-step guide) | KIKO MILANO (2024)

Makeup for Beginners: how to apply makeup: (step-by-step guide) | KIKO MILANO (1)

Have you ever found yourself in a beauty shop, looking for makeup products and feeling totally confused over why you see so many options and should you buy them all? What is the difference between a bronzer and contouring? How to use an eyebrow pencil?

Your cart is now getting fuller and fuller and you are absolutely dazed.
Well, worry no more, because we got you covered now with this simple section on how to apply makeup for beginners. After this, there will be less, if not no more, confusion.

Makeup for beginners: the basic products

Makeup may do magical things, but it does not have to be a mystery. Applying a basic, natural look can be easily done with the right products and accessories.
Let us have a look at what are the products that we need.
We have different parts on our face that require different products to be used:
1. The face
2. The eye
3. The lip

Face makeup products

When it comes to face and complexion we can count different products, such as:
- Primer
Primers come in gels, creams, and even sprays. They create an even canvas for your makeup application by filling in fine lines. The result? Your makeup glides on evenly, lasts longer, and does not look cakey.
- Foundation
It comes in three forms: liquid, cream, or powder. Foundation evens out your complexion, smooths over imperfections and it should be chosen according to the coverage level you are hoping to achieve. If you want to take a more natural approach, opt for lighter coverage.
- Concealer
Concealer is meant to add an extra layer of coverage over dark spots or wherever you want to hide from sight. Depending on the look you have chosen for the day, you can opt for a concealer with either a matte or dewy finish. Just like foundation, concealers offer a varying level of coverage.
- Highlighter and Contour
This are the secrets to many celebrities’ perfectly chiselled face. While contour creates shadows and adds dimension to your face, the highlighter enhances the high points of your face.
- Blush and Bronzer
If contour is used to create shadows, a bronzer creates a natural, sun-kissed effect glow that accentuates and lifts the cheekbones. Blush is used to add a flushed colour to your cheeks and comes in liquid, powder, and cream formulas.
- Setting products. To get the most mileage from your makeup and have your glam face last all day, you should set it.

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Eye makeup products

Let us know move quickly to the eye area. Here are the basics for your makeup look.
- Eyeshadow Primer
It is just like a face primer but its formula specifically targets more delicate areas, like the one above the eye.
- Eyeshadow
The eyeshadow is the coloured powder applied to your eyelids to accentuate your eyes. It comes in a variety of formulas and shades, ranging from matte to shimmering.
- Eyeliner
It is used to define the eyes, enhance their shape, and create different looks. When it comes to eyeliner, you can opt for a gel, liquid, or pen/pencil.
- Mascara
Used to define and enhance eyelashes. You can aim at giving your lashes a fuller, thicker, longer effect, or darker look.
- Eyebrow Gel
This product helps tame your brows to the shape and direction you want. The formula can be either clear or tinted.
- Eyebrow Pencil
An eyebrow pencil is used to draw in hairs and allows you to achieve the most natural-looking approach.

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Eyebrow gel

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Lip makeup products

And, last but not least, here we come to the lips.
- Lip Primer
Once again, this product is used to keep your lip products in place.
- Lip Pencil
It enhances the shape of your lips and is used as an outline before you apply lipstick to make sure it does not smudge.
- Lipstick
It adds colour and coating to the lips, further enhancing the mouth. It is available in a variety of forms, from liquid to matte and you would really be able to find every shade under the sun. Usually, the colours differentiate between nude and colour.
- Lip Gloss
It creates a glossy finish and comes in a variety of shades, from completely translucent to highly pigmented.

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Glossy lipstick

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Makeup for beginners: an easy makeup look

Now that we know the name and purpose of each of the products, it is time we put it on.
Here are 12 steps to achieve a simple, natural makeup look.
1. Start With Eyebrows
Right after you are done with your skincare routine and after applying moisturiser and sunscreen, you can divert your attention to your eyebrows. They are very important as they give shape to the rest of your face. You can fix the shape of your eyebrows with the gel and fill in the details with a brow pencil.
2. Apply foundation
Apply the product in small dots around the face and use a foundation brush to blend it in and spread the product evenly. Moving your brush in a circular motion helps to blend the product quickly and can create an airbrush like finish.
3. Conceal if needed
Applying concealer after foundation helps to cover the areas that might need some more attention. You can do so in the undereye area, around your nose and to cover blemishes. You simply need to tap your concealer brush on the concealer and blending it on the face helps to keep concealer looking natural and not cakey.
4. Contour
Lightly contouring helps to enhance your features and add some definition. You should opt for a shade that is two shades darker than your skin tone and apply it under the cheekbones, along the forehead, and on the tip of the nose.
5. Make your cheeks pop
Adding blush to the apples of the cheeks is a great way to incorporate a natural flush to the skin. Smile and naturally to see where exactly to apply the colour and then blend in an upward, outer motion so that it has a lifting effect.
6. Highlight
Drop some highlighter directly onto a tapered powder brush. After you've deposited the product onto the brush, blend the highlighter on the cheeks, forehead, and along the bridge of the nose.
7. Apply eyeshadow
Especially if you have an oily eyelid or have noticed that shadow tends to crease on your eyelids, apply a shadow primer first to ensure shadow stays in place. Then, move on to applying a soft, neutral-coloured shadow that is close to your lid colour and use your brush to blend it in.
8. Define your eyes
Define your eyes with a touch of eyeliner on the top lash line, you can start at the inner corner and apply it to the end.
9. Add mascara
Once your eyeliner is complete, you can move on to applying a few coats of your favourite mascara. You can pick your go-to mascara depending on the type of lashes you have. Before applying mascara, you can also curl your lashes to increase its effect.
10. Shape your lips
Shaping your lips before applying gloss or lipstick can help them appear fuller-looking and using a natural-coloured liner helps liner to look more discreet. Run the liner across lips and add a tiny amount of pressure so that the colour stays soft, and the lip does not look overdrawn.
11. Add colour
Whether you want to wear lipstick or gloss (or both for that matter), choose a colour that blends well with your chosen lip liner.
12. Fix your result
A few sprays of the fixing product to let the makeup set and to make it last longer.

There you go. You now have a simple makeup routine you can expand and enrich with time and experience.
For now, just have fun and start painting that canvas with fantasy and purpose, you will get better with every stroke! Best of luck!

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Makeup for Beginners: how to apply makeup: (step-by-step guide) | KIKO MILANO (2024)
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