What Planes Does Tom Cruise Own? Can He Fly A Jet? (2024)

Tom Cruise is famous for his charming persona, exceptional acting skills, and self-made action scenes that capture the hearts of movie buffs worldwide. His fame has brought him a huge fortune, including an impressive airplane collection worth hundreds of millions of dollars. But can Tom Cruise fly a jet? Take a moment to explore!

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Tom Cruise’s Planes: Embodiment Of Luxury

Tom Cruise owns a fleet of 4 planes, with some ownership still under speculation. The most famous one is the P-51 Mustang that featured in Top Gun: Maverick. His remaining jets include Gulfstream IV G4, HondaJet HA-420, and Bombardier Challenger 300. All are luxurious and highly valued.

P-51 Mustang

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Fans of the iconic movie Top Gun are no strangers to the vintage P-51 Mustang that appears in the final scene alongside Maverick and Rooster. However, not many people know about its owner – Tom Cruise himself.

This Mustang was a single-seat fighter aircraft built during World War II. In 1944, it was produced at the Dallas assembly plant by North American Aviation with serial number 111-36123. Unlike the D models, it features an 11-foot aeroproducts prop, later replaced by a Ham-Stan one for safety purposes. This version also has a unique canopy and a pair of K-24 cameras.

Initial ownership of the P-51 belonged to the U.S. Army Air Force, Civil Air Patrol, and other wealthy individuals. It wasn’t until 2001 that Tom Cruise bought it for an estimated $4 million and stationed it in California.

At one point, the A-list actor decorated the warbird’s side with “Montana Miss” and “Kiss Me, Kate” as a heartfelt gesture to his wife. Unfortunately, recent proof shows that these quotes have disappeared following their separation.

In addition to his former spouse, Cruise has taken some celebrities, such as Jennifer Connelly or James Corden, on a hair-raising flight on the P-51. While Connelly expressed her enjoyment with this incredible experience, the host of “The Late Late Show” suffered from insecurity due to safety concerns.

Gulfstream IV G4

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The private jet is one of the most expensive possessions in Cruise’s multi-million-dollar collection. It is a testament to his wealth, with a value of up to 20 million USD.

But what makes this acquisition impressive is the origin of this model. The Gulfstream IV was produced within eight years, from 1985 to 2015. Most models were sold to the military and government. The fact that Cruise owns one of these and renovates the interior to his taste shows the caliber of his connections behind the curtain.

His private jet embodies luxury and comfort. Its lavish interior overwhelms anyone, even when you only witness it on screen. The large cabin includes 19 seats with plush backrests and soft cushions. But the most outstanding features are the private movie theater and Jacuzzi bathtub, taking your in-flight entertainment to new heights at 40,000 feet. In addition, Cruise also equipped it with a convenient sofa bed and a spacious bathroom with all the essentials.

In addition to comfort, Gulfstream IV is recognized for its high performance. Powered by two Rolls-Royce Tay 611-8 turbofan engines, it serves a range of 4,220 nautical miles (~ 7,815 km) and a maximum speed of Mach 0.88 (~ 675 mph). That being said, it is the perfect choice to cater to the travel needs of the Hollywood movie star.

HondaJet HA-420

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While there’s no official confirmation that Cruise owns this plane, plenty of strong evidence points in that direction. Many sources, such as SlashGear, Bizjournals, or Globalair, have reported on his ownership since 2019.

It’s said that Cruise used the HondaJet HA-420 number N77VA to fly to Burbank airport before taking James Corden on a thrilling flight in his P-51 Mustang.

The HA-420 features two engines and eight seats. At the maximum altitude of 43,000 feet, it reaches around 500 mph and covers a range of 1,200 nautical miles.

Bombardier Challenger 300

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This plane is believed to be a part of Cruise’s aviation collection. Though the superstar actor never confirmed this rumor, Celebrity Jets’ Twitter account indicated that Cruise landed a Challenger 300 at Kerry Airport 12 minutes after taking off from Shannon.

The plane features dual engines with 10 seats. It operates for approximately 3,220 miles at a maximum speed of 460 mph and an altitude of 45,000 feet.

Does Tom Cruise Have A Pilot’s License?

YES. Cruise’s dedication to aviation extends far beyond the usual penchant for high-end vehicles. His hobby motivated him to pursue and obtain a certificate to become a licensed pilot in 1994. That said, he can handle many aircraft types, similar to how he acted on the silver screen.

Is Tom Cruise a real pilot? Interestingly, he actually takes the role of pilot on screen in real life.


What Jets Were Used In Top Gun 1986?

The F-14A Tomcat takes the spotlight in the original Top Gen. In addition, there are a few other aircraft, such as the Northrop F-5, Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, and Grumman KA-6D.

Can Tom Cruise Fly An F-18?

Unfortunately, no. Even though Tom Cruise performed many of the action scenes himself in Top Gun 2, he is not qualified to pilot a military aircraft, according to the U.S. Navy.

Was The F-22 Used In Maverick Top Gun?

The F-22 Raptor did not appear in Top Gun despite audience expectations. The filmmakers omitted this famous military aircraft as it did not fit the movie context set in the Navy. Additionally, its limited interior space prevents filming spectacular footage from inside the co*ckpit.

Why Didn’t They Fly The F-35 In Top Gun?

Similar to the F-22, filmmakers found it impossible to shoot from inside the F-35’s co*ckpit because of its single-seat design.


Does Tom Cruise own a fighter jet? Undoubtedly, YES. It is impossible to confirm the exact number of luxurious aircraft and fighter jets that Tom Cruise owns unless you break into his private hangar in Burbank.

Regardless, all of the gems listed above prove the wealth of this famous actor and his exceptional pilot skills. We will update this list as soon as we have the latest information. Stay tuned!

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What Planes Does Tom Cruise Own? Can He Fly A Jet? (2024)


What Planes Does Tom Cruise Own? Can He Fly A Jet? ›

Tom Cruise owns a fleet of 4 planes, with some ownership still under speculation. The most famous one is the P-51 Mustang that featured in Top Gun: Maverick. His remaining jets include Gulfstream IV G4, HondaJet HA-420, and Bombardier Challenger 300.

Can Tom Cruise fly a jet? ›

Tom Cruise is a licensed pilot with qualifications as a multi-engine instrument-rated pilot and helicopter flying skills. Cruise owns a collection of airplanes, including a vintage P-51 Mustang fighter from World War II and a Gulfstream IV G4 jet.

Why didn't they use F-22 in Top Gun? ›

The f-22 is an air force jet, not Navy. Top Gun is Navy. The f-22 is also single seat.

Did Tom Cruise fly Mach 10? ›

It Has Never Truly Been Tested. Tom Cruise's character's feat of Mach 10 speed in Top Gun: Maverick is one scientifically improbable stunt out of many featured in the film. That said, is it possible for the human body to be able to withstand such acceleration? The most likely answer is a resounding no.

How many planes does John Travolta own? ›

According to the Air & Space Museum, Travolta is now the holder of eight jet licenses, including the Boeing 747, Boeing 707, Gulfstream II, the Hawker 125, the Lear 24, 25, and 36, the British Vampire Jet, and the Canadair CL-41 Tebuan jet.

Does Tom Cruise own a helicopter? ›

Tom Cruise kept a low-key look on Tuesday as he touched down in London after flying himself to the capital via his helicopter. The Top Gun actor, 60, who has had his pilot's licence since 1994 and owns several aircrafts, was seen at the helm as he landed at London's Battersea Helipad alongside a secondary pilot.

What planes does Harrison Ford own? ›

In the 1990s, he bought a used Gulfstream II and asked Terry Bender, one of his pilots, to give him flying lessons. He started with a Cessna 182 and graduated into a Cessna 206 to solo. Harrison's keeps his stable of aircraft at Santa Monica Airport, but his Bell 407 is often kept and flown in Jackson, Wyoming.

Does Tom Cruise have a private jet? ›

The Gulfstream IV, owned by Tom Cruise, is valued at approximately $20 million. This significant investment reflects the jet's advanced technology, luxurious features, and extensive range. The annual operating costs, including fuel, maintenance, crew salaries, hangar fees, and insurance, can exceed $1 million.

Why couldn't they use F-35 in Top Gun: Maverick? ›

It was completely fake news,” he said. “The reason Maverick Top Gun didn't use the F-35 was because it would have made the movie boring. They would have launched off the carrier, they would have picked their way through the threat, they would have put the bomb on the target and come back undetected.”

How many planes does Tom Cruise own? ›

Tom Cruise owns a fleet of 4 planes, with some ownership still under speculation. The most famous one is the P-51 Mustang that featured in Top Gun: Maverick. His remaining jets include Gulfstream IV G4, HondaJet HA-420, and Bombardier Challenger 300. All are luxurious and highly valued.

Was a real F-14 used in Top Gun: Maverick? ›

There is also a shot of an F-14 Tomcat coming into the barricade when Maverick and Rooster are forced to land on the carrier without landing gear. Since the F-14 was decommissioned in 2006, the Tomcat sequences were done with an F-18 and digitally edited in post.

Who flew the jets in Top Gun: Maverick? ›

Cmdr. Frank “Walleye” Weisser, USN (Ret), transformed himself from a teenage aspiring SEAL at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., into a world-class stunt pilot who flew Tom Cruise's fighter jet in the 2022 blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick.

Did Tom Cruise actually fly a jet? ›

The Super Hornet jet does feature in the sequel, but Tom Cruise did not fly them in Top Gun: Maverick as those scenes were all completed with assistance from Navy pilots. According to producer Bruckheimer, Cruise does fly a P-51 propeller-driven fighter plane, as well as some helicopters.

Does Tom Cruise own a P51? ›

The Original Top Gun Inspired Cruise's Love Of Flying

The P-51 Mustang used in Top Gun: Maverick was built in 1946 and Cruise has owned the plane, which has an estimated value of $4 million, since 2001.

Which celebrity owns a 747? ›

The private jet of Kim Kardashian

The American celebrity who can (almost) buy everything has acquired a Boeing 747. This private jet long haul is completely fitted out in a VIP way. Real luxury product this private jet is estimated at 250 million dollars! For this billionaire woman it is a beautiful purchase!

What actor flies his own plane? ›

John Travolta

Travolta is qualified to fly a range of planes, from small single-engine planes to large commercial jets. He owns seven aircraft, including a few Gulfstream jets, Dassault Falcon 900, a Boeing 727, and a Bombardier Challenger 601, and has flown his planes all over the world.

Which actor has a private airstrip? ›

John Travolta is well known for owning his own airplanes he even has his home built where he has two runways to accommodate his own aircraft's.

Is Brad Pitt a pilot? ›

Brad Pitt

Like his now ex-wife Jolie, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor is also a skilled pilot. Pitt earned his private flying licence in the 1990s and is qualified to fly both single and multi-engine aircraft.

Does Tom Cruise own a motorcycle? ›

Ridden by Cruise in Mission: Impossible II, many people lusted after the Triumph Speed Triple and its comfortable saddle paired with classic looks. That was apparently enough to make the actor a proud new owner of one himself.

Does Brad Pitt own a plane? ›

Brad Pitt is an experienced pilot, qualified to fly both single and multi-engine aircraft. With a love of vintage aircraft, he owns and flies a restored World War II RAF Supermarine Spitfire.

What aircraft does Bill Gates own? ›

Bill Gates owns four private jets as well as a Cessna 208 Seaplane and a Eurocopter EC 135 helicopter. His private jet collection is made up of two Gulfstream G650ER's and two Bombardier Challenger 350s.

Does Elton John own his own plane? ›

Sir Elton John's Private Jet

Earlier this year, Sir Elton John ran into some trouble when his private jet was forced to make an emergency landing during a storm. It was reported that his jet was suffering from technical failure, and it took three attempts to safely land his aircraft.

Is Tom Cruise an actual airplane pilot? ›

Tom Cruise

It's no surprise that Cruise not only owns several aircraft, but is licensed to pilot them all. He obtained his flying license in 1994 and can pilot helicopters, fighter jets, private planes and even commercial flights, per Sportskeeda.

What license does Tom Cruise have? ›

I've airplanes, uh, commercial licence, jets. A bunch of different airplanes. Motorcycles, parachutes, boats. I have my real estate licence.

How many skydiving jumps Does Tom Cruise have? ›

To train for it, 61-year-old Tom Cruise did 500 skydives and over 13,000 motocross jumps for this stunt in Norway. And that wasn't just so Cruise had the skill and comfort to pull off the stunt; the training also made it possible for director Christopher McQuarrie and his crew to map out camera angles to capture it.

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