What Utahns searched for on KSL Classifieds in 2020 (2024)

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Ever wonder what people are searching for on KSL Classifieds? With an average of almost 300,000 listings, the short answer is — a lot of things. But in a unique year like 2020 we wanted to get to the bottom of what Utahns were searching for most often. With all those new hobbies, basem*nt cleanouts and increased downtime, we thought it might be interesting to look at the numbers behind what people were looking to buy and sell—and we certainly weren't wrong.

First off, Utahns were looking to get out and go somewhere. Anywhere. The top searches of the year were found under the "Wheels and Tires - SUV/Trucks" subcategory of Auto Parts and Accessories, and that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the search leaders. Almost all of the top searches on KSL Classifieds last year were for some sort of vehicle, which makes sense after so much collective time at home. But between UTVs, ATVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes, Jet Boats, RVs and snowmobiles, Utahns were certainly looking to do more than just re-create the morning commute.

With air travel becoming less common too, some grabbed canned sodas and tiny bags of chips and tried to make do at home, searching for "flight simulator" over 10,000 times. And while some were out tearing it up or exploring the virtual skies, others chose to embrace the traditional spirit of the west, opting for a slower mode of transportation that really let them take in Utah's unique, rugged landscape. "Horses'' was searched 45,021 times.

In a year that often felt bleak and hopeless, Utahns also inspired with their unfettered optimism. Not letting endless "Sold Out" signs darken their spirits, they searched 24,324 times for "PS5" and 15,813 times for "X BOX Series X." And they were rewarded with results too! Thank you for teaching us all never to give up.

Another group that inspired with their searches on KSL Classifieds were the 8,059 people who searched for "Olympic weights." Stuck in their homes with no open gyms in sight, these Utahns didn't give up on getting pumped. Maybe it was an attempt to get buff for the eventual return to the office, or maybe the postponement of the 2020 summer games made them dream of glory in 2021. Whatever their motivations, these folks were some of the many who made the most of a bad situation with the help of KSL Classifieds.

After all, Utahns had something during a strange pandemic year that many didn't—world-class outdoor recreation right out their front door. That explains why "downhill skis," "mountain bikes" and "kayak paddles" were some of the leading searches of the year. And don't worry, the indoorsy folks had plenty to do too. "Magic The Gathering," "Hero Quest," "ping pong" and "pinball" were also chart-toppers.

Utahns used KSL Classifieds steadily throughout the year, and even included it in their holiday planning, searching for "Christmas tree" almost 11,000 times. After all, it isn't Christmas without the annual trip to Provo to haggle with a stranger over a 50-foot tree. Beloved traditions must continue, even during unprecedented times.

It wasn't just everyday people using KSL Classifieds to buy and sell last year. Plenty of local businesses took advantage of it to get their products out to the folks already searching for 50 foot trees, horses and elusive game systems. They didn't have too much luck reaching the people who searched "free items only no businesses," but that bunch is tough to sell to. If you've got a business and you're interested in learning how advertising on KSL Classifieds could help your growth, email classifiedsadvertising@ksl.com. You'll even get two free business listings when you sign up.

So there they are, the top KSL Classified searches of the year! What will next year bring? Only time will tell, and since this probably isn't a real time machine, we'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, see what hidden gems are up for grabs on KSL Classifieds today.

What Utahns searched for on KSL Classifieds in 2020 (2024)
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