Shark Adventure

12 Hour Day, Depart 0700 Return 1900 

Season:- June to end of October 

Why adventure you ask? 

We passage out to an area called the Celtic Deeps which lies about 30 miles southwest of Milford HavenDepending on where you start the drift the depth of water can be anything from 80 meters to 120 meters with a seabed of hard (rock)sand, gravel to mud.  

On our journey to the grounds, as well as all the bird life, you will probably see Dolphins chasing the boat and Minke Whales on the surface. Later in the summer its not unusual to see Blue Fin Tuna thrashing around on the surface. 

More unusual sightings are Leatherback Turtles, Fin Whale and Humpback Whale 

On arrival on the grounds we set the boat for the drift in whatever directiothe wind and tide dictates. 

Target Species are mainly Blue Shark, we will also catch Porbeagle shark which are a protected species and should be treated as a bycatch and released at the side of the boat. It is not unheard of thook-up a ThresherMako or Tuna. 

We operate a strict catch and release policy on the boat. All fish, if not released at the side of the boat, are unhooked and returned to the sea as quickly as possible.  



30-50lb rod is best with 300 to 400 meters of 40-50lb mono line on the reels. Braid is not ideal as it can blow around in the wind and tangles are common, this will lose you a fish. 

We recommend wire for the rubbing trace and hook length. 

We have Shimano Tyrnos rods and reels available  


We do ask that you supply your own baits. 

MackerelHerring or any other oily fish is good for bait. Have a chat with your local fishmonger. A fare few anglers are using Trout which they obtain from Fish farms. 

To supplement your baits bring a boat rod with you, baited feathers dropped to the seabed can produce some nice Whiting for bait and Haddock. Be aware you might be fishing at 100m so you need a fast retrieve reel with braid fixed spool is good,   

We can order “fresh” Mackerel form our local wholesaler, but we point out that it is not day fresh. 

Blast frozen Mackerel from your local tackle shop is a good standby. 

How much bait? 

This is a million dollar question but a dozen baits per rod is usually enough but bear in mind if you run out you cant fish. It is important  to remember to keep you baits as fresh as possible so keep them on ice or better still in an electric cool box which you can plug into the car cigar lighter. 


It can get quite cold even in the middle of summerso make sure you have some warm clothes with you, YOU CAN ALWAYS TAKE IT OFF BUT YOU CANNOT PUT IT ON IF ITS NOT AVAILABLE. 

Flip flops or open sandals are not suitable as footware. 


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