Wreck Fishing

12hr trip depart 0700 return 1800 

St Georges Channel was happy hunting grounds for the U boats in both the first and second world wars leaving many torpedoed wrecks at the bottom of the sea. They did not have it all their own way, though,there are a good number of sunk U out boats in the area as well. 

Most of the north Bristol Channel Approaches was mined with channels into Milford Haven and up the North Coast of Cornwall and Devon to Bristol Swansea and Cardiff bound vessels. 

We are now travelling anything up to 50 miles offshore in the Atlantic Ocean or St George`s Channel to locate wrecks for fishing. Most of the catches so far have been Pollack up to 16lb but we are sure that there are bigger fish to be had. Ling and Cod have also been caught on and around the wrecks. Best time for conger off wrecks is late Summer and into the Autumn months.  

Bristol Channel Wrecks are mostly lying in 70/80 meter depth some of the St Georges wrecks are lying in 80/100+ meters. 

There are so many varieties of rigs suitable for the wrecks but you do need to use braid for the deep water weights to suit the depth and tide conditions.  



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