River Cruise

Departure times Neyland Marina @ 10.00 and 14.00

Upriver cruise. Approx 2hrs
Travel up the Cleddau River
Approx. 2hrs

Down river cruise. Approx. 2hrs
On this trip we adventure down to the industrial and historical parts of the Milford Haven Waterway

If you wish these two cruises can be amalgamated to make an extended cruise.

Milford Haven

During World War II Pembroke Dock became one of the most important stations in waging the Battle of the Atlantic and the ceaseless war against the German U-Boat. At one time in 1943 no less than 99 flying-boats – Sunderlands and Catalinas – were at Pembroke Dock, making this the largest operational station in the world.

From Pembroke Dock many RAF and Allied squadrons operated at various times. Men of many nations flew from the Haven, their patrols taking them far out into the Atlantic, deep into the Bay of Biscay , above the Western Approaches and, as part of the D-Day operations, protecting the sea lanes leading to the Normandy Invasion other buildings around the port are witness to a former age – the finely restored Martello Tower now houses a small museum.

Pembroke Dock is also the departure point for the Irish Ferries Isle of Inishmore on the right is Llanstadwell Church This was built in the 13th century and was visited by King Richard 11 on his way to Ireland. The river channel is such that when the ferry travels in and out of port, it travels on the northern side of the river, and towers over everyone when passing. Indeed visitors to the vicarage at Llanstadwell are often startled by the darkening of the view, even on a sunny day, with the ferry sailing very close to the north shore, blotting out much of the sunlight.

The village of Hazelbeach where ships were once built and local people used to leave to fish for herring up river

Pennar Gap – which eventually leads to Pembroke Castle On to – Milford Haven – a prosperous fishing port at the start of the century, but following the decline of the fishing industry the Cleddau River has seen the arrival of Super tankers and the oil and gas industry.

Take a look at the tankers close up and experience their size. Milford Haven – famous for it’s connections with Nelson and his romance with Lady Hamilton where the once bustling fish dock stood is a new Marina but there are a few ghosts of the former fish market still standing the old fish Smoke House has been preserved and there is a very interesting Museum on the dock which shows the old fish dock and also gives you a close up look at how the refineries work. Passing Milford Angle life boat Thorne and Stack Islands at the mouth of the river Dale fort


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