15 Smoked Salmon Recipes (2024)

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These smoked salmon recipes are the easiest ways to use this flavor-packed ingredient! It’s the key to quick meals, appetizers, and snacks.

15 Smoked Salmon Recipes (1)

Got smoked salmon? This magic ingredient is the ticket to easy meals: healthy breakfasts, quick lunches, easy dinners and even fancy appetizers! Its intense smoky aroma and buttery texture add an irresistible pop of flavor to any dish: no cooking involved! Each of these smoked salmon recipes below demonstrate a simple way to use this genius ingredient, from quick dinners to creamy dips and appetizer bites. Along with top hits from this website, we’ve rounded up a few favorite ideas from around the web. Ready to get started?

And now…our top smoked salmon recipes!

15 Smoked Salmon Recipes (2)

Smoked Salmon Toast

Here’s a smoked salmon recipe that works for breakfast, lunch, brunch, and aparty appetizerat at once: Smoked Salmon Toast! It's low effort and high impact: a simple toast of artisan bread loaded with fluffy whipped ricotta, smoked salmon, capers and fresh dill. Each bite is a burst of smoky, creamy, rich, briny, salty and fresh! It’s more of an idea than a formal concept: which makes it even more fun.

15 Smoked Salmon Recipes (3)

Smoked Salmon Salad

Here's a genius smoked salmon recipe that makes afast dinner or healthy lunch withno cooking required. That’s right, no need to grab your pan and spatula. Try thisSmoked Salmon Salad! It’s healthy, fresh, and 100% cook free. Imagine: savory smoked salmon, fresh greens, fluffy goat cheese dollops and a tangyshallot vinaigrette. It comes together in 15 minutes flat.

15 Smoked Salmon Recipes (4)

Smoked Salmon Dip

Need a fun party dip or spread? Try Smoked Salmon Dip! This creamy dip has a bit of a retro vibe, which makes it all the more endearing. This recipe uses a bit of Greek yogurt for a healthier spin. But it’s still chock full of rich flavor: hearty cream cheese, punchy Dijon, and that intensely smoky flavor that only fresh smoked salmon brings. Mix it up in 5 minutes, and it’s good for days in the fridge. A perfect party snack!

15 Smoked Salmon Recipes (5)

Here’s aneasy appetizerthat looks stunning and relies on simple, spot-on flavors:Smoked Salmon & Cucumber Bites! The classic combination of smoked salmon, dill, cucumber and cream cheese is a hit every time. Mix the cream cheese with fresh dill, green onion and Dijon for a rich, zingy pop. Make up this platter for a party, and people won’t be able to tear themselves away!

15 Smoked Salmon Recipes (6)

Smoked Salmon Omelette

There’s just something about smoked salmonanythingforbreakfastorbrunchthat feels luxurious. Here’s a fun idea that takes minutes to whip up but feels elegant:Smoked Salmon Omelette! The burst of flavor is unreal: smoky, buttery salmon against tender eggs, a burst of salty feta and burst from fresh chives.

It’s hard to tire of the rich, buttery goodness of smoked salmon. Here’s the newest way we’ve fallen hard for it:Smoked Salmon Pasta! Imagine: chewy al dente pasta, bathed with a creamy sauce punctuated by bright lemon zest and herbaceous fresh dill. It’s hard not to be head over heels about this one! It’s extremely versatile: try it as an easy dinner, a fun brunch idea or picnic pasta salad.

15 Smoked Salmon Recipes (8)

Smoked Salmon Sandwich

For fast and easy meals, it’s smoked salmon to the rescue! When you don’t have time to think about cooking, try thisSmoked Salmon Sandwich! The bold flavors don’t give away it’s secrets: it takes less than 10 minutes to whip up. It’s more of an idea than a formal recipe, so you can customize it to your tastes. It’s perfect for no-think weeknight dinners!

15 Smoked Salmon Recipes (9)

Smoked Salmon Spread

Looking for a fancy spread for parties, or to add some pizzazz to your lunch? Try thisSmoked Salmon Cream Cheese Spread! The flavor is bold, creamy, smoky, and herby all at once, and makes the ideal slather for bagels, sandwiches, toasts, and more. Serve it as part of bagel brunch spread, on toast for a light dinner, or on crackers as an easy lunch. There are infinite ways to use this one.

15 Smoked Salmon Recipes (10)

Salmon Nicoise Salad

Here salmon replaces the traditional tuna in that classic French Nicoise salad! Look for hot smoked salmon, also labeled as smoke roasted: it’s sold as a fillet as shown in the photo. Thecold smoked salmonthat you’d find on abagel (aka lox)is a bit too strong here, though it would work! It makes a tasty hearty main dish salad.

15 Smoked Salmon Recipes (11)

Smoked Salmon Bagel

There's really nothing better than a good old bagel with smoked salmon, is there? Also known as lox (though there are subtle differences), smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and veggies always hits the spot. It tastes so much greater than the sum of it's parts!

15 Smoked Salmon Recipes (12)

Photo Credit:thedefineddish.com

Smoked Salmon Carpaccio

A fun way to use smoked salmon? Carpaccio! The original preparation of this Italian dish was thinly sliced raw beef slices served with lemon juice, olive oil and shaved parmesan. Use this concept with smoked salmon and top it with herbs and fried capers. via The Defined Dish

15 Smoked Salmon Recipes (13)

Photo Credit:whatsgabycooking.com

Smoked Salmon Tartine

Skip the bagel and go for a tartine instead! A tartine is a French-style open-faced sandwich, and it's the perfect simple way to use your smoked salmon. Smear toast with cream cheese, then top with smoked salmon, capers and pickled onions for a brunch treat! via What's Gaby Cooking

15 Smoked Salmon Recipes (14)

Photo Credit:natashaskitchen.com

Salmon Cobb Salad

This Salmon Cobb Salad is a spin on the classic American Cobb salad. Swap out the chicken for salmon and add a cilantro lime dressing. It's a fresh and simple main dish salad that's perfect for lunch or dinner. via Natasha's Kitchen

15 Smoked Salmon Recipes (15)

Photo Credit:pinchofyum.com

Smoked Salmon Chowder

Add smoked salmon to a creamy chowder and prepare to be amazed! The smoky fish adds depth and intruige to this creamy, cozy soup. Pair with crusty bread for a hearty meal. via Pinch of Yum

15 Smoked Salmon Recipes (16)

Photo Credit:www.howsweeteats.com

Everything Smoked Salmon Tart

Take puff pastry, add Everything Bagel seasoning and top it with cream cheese, herbs, and smoked salmon. Instant brunch success! This showstopping tart is the perfect way to highlight this versatile ingredient. via How Sweet Eats

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15 Smoked Salmon Recipes (21)

15 Smoked Salmon Recipes

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  • Author: Sonja Overhiser
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 0 minutes
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 4 to 6 large toasts or 20 appetizer toasts 1x
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Smoked salmon toast is ideal for brunch, easy lunch, or as a party appetizer! This simple idea is a study in contrasts of flavor and texture.



  • 4to6large slices bread (or20smallcrostinior party-size toasts)
  • 1recipeWhipped RicottaorWhipped Cottage Cheese*
  • 8 ouncessmoked salmon or lox
  • 1/4red onion, sliced or chopped
  • ¼ cupcapers, drained
  • Fresh dill sprigs


  1. Toast the bread or make the crostini.
  2. Make the Whipped Ricotta or Whipped Cottage Cheese, seasoning the cottage cheese with a bit of salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Top each toast with smoked salmon, sliced red onion, and capers. Top with fresh dill sprigs. Add fresh ground black pepper if desired.


*You can also use plain ricotta, seasoned with salt and pepper, goat cheese, or cream cheese as a spread.

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  • Cuisine: Seafood

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15 Smoked Salmon Recipes (2024)
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