Roasted Cabbage With Parmesan, Walnuts and Anchovies Recipe (2024)

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From article: You can swap any other nuts — or even cooked grains like rice or farro — for the walnuts. Other hard grating or crumbly cheeses will work in place of the Parmesan; feta is on my shortlist to try.As for the anchovies, those divisive little flavor bombs, they can be substituted with anything pungent and salty for needed zing. Try minced capers, olives, sun-dried tomatoes or even a few tablespoons of flaked canned tuna.Just make sure to be generous with the olive oil.


1/2 tsp anchovy paste = 1 anchovy filet


You can substitute anchovies with miso paste. It serves the same purpose, a bit milder, and is probably healthier. I used red cabbage, because that is what I had in the fridge. I just increased the roasting time by 10 minutes because it is denser than regular cabbage. It worked fine. Good recipe overall.


An even easier version of Armenian stuffed cabbage (lahana sarma)...saute ground lamb (or beef) with a good amount of chopped onions, one chopped tomato, allspice and crushed dried (or fresh) mint or dill, until well cooked. Then add finely shredded cabbage (regular or savoy), cover and cook until wilted. A squeeze of lemon is nice. Serve with rice pilaf and a side of plain yogurt. Yum.


Thank you to all the comments. With every recipe I immediately go to the comments because they are the most helpful part! I don’t care for anchovies and so the sun-dried tomatoes was a wonderful suggestion. Thank you for all who take the time to write.

Sean Dell

Really good.This also works wonderfully well with Brussels Sprouts, halved, tossed in the dressing, and cooked for 15-20 minutes, tossed halfway though the cooking time.


I made it last night as a side dish and got rave reviews from someone who says he "hates" anchovies. Never reveal all the ingredients.

Stella Luna

I’ve never eaten a cabbage roll and thought of them as more steamed than caramelized, but whatever, because this was a huge hit as a side with roast chicken. Not your grandma’s cabbage (even if you did like it), this was packed with wonderful new flavors and textures. And it will stand up as a main with my daughter’s pescatarian family. Melissa never misses a single detail. Just three walnut nubs left in a tiny puddle of olive oil. Bravo!


Sometimes recipes say to do something without explaining why - here, the 1 1/2 inch wedges. It’s an important detail - both for how much cabbage will be exposed to the heat, and more importantly - having the top of the wedge (or slice) being relatively flat, so that the filling doesn’t fall off to the side. I also thought there was more oil than needed, and I was surprised that the cilantro/dill was only a topping, and not included in the “stuffing” mixture (I added some). I enjoyed it, tho!


I used miso, gochugang, garlic, ginger, sesame seeds, and a little honey, as well as water & oil. Added ground walnuts at end. Baked some salmon on the same pan for the last 10 minutes, with remainder of the mix on the salmon.


This was excellent! I would describe it as a real "more than the sum of its parts" recipe. For those leery of anchovies, rest assured that they completely melt into the dish and create umami, not fishiness. The dill in particular plays well off the other flavors. I will definitely make this again.


Looks yummy. I am thinking of chopping some roasted walnuts and putting it in the mix with the anchiovies. I would think any cabbage would work here.


This looks amazing. Any ideas about using Savoy cabbage rather than standard green?

Robin Currie

Kalamata olives could work nicely!


She cuts the cabbage length wise into 4 0wedges, and then cuts *across* each wedge into 1-1/2 inch slices, so they are flat slices, no matter how thick. I agree that tilt-top wedges would be a bad idea.


I’ve never been a big fan of cabbage, but I had leftovers after making a NY Times recipe of okonomiyaki the other night. I pan-fried crumbled turkey sausage while the cabbage was in the oven and sprinkled on top along with the walnuts. I also sub’ed red miso for the anchovies and ground it into the garlic and thyme with mortar and pestle when making the paste. After the okonomiyaki and this recipe, I’ve totally changed my mind about cabbage. Will make both again!


I only had red cabbage in my fridge, so I used that, which was just fine. I happened to have some leftover braised white beans done in an Italian style, so I served the cabbage on top of that for a main course. I only had pine nuts, so I use those in place of the walnuts. This was fabulous! When I run out of beans, I’m going to serve my leftovers on top of toasted ciabatta, and maybe add a jammy poached egg on top.


My husband is Polish and has eaten cabbage more than any other vegetable in his life. He declared this was hands down the best cabbage preparation EVER. Substituted sliced almonds for the walnuts and just amazing!


Was very tasty. Used miso instead of anchovy bc that’s what I had. Didn’t have lemon or I would have added a squeeze.

Susan francy

Can I use sprats in place of traditional anchovies? They are a Swedish (I believe) item. Very different from anchovies I’m familiar with. Can’t find much info about them. They look uncooked. They’re packed in flavored brine. I’ve got six tins I’m trying to use up (don’t ask)


Works well with Savoy cabbage, too.


We LOVE this dish. We made it for a group and had leftovers. I sautéd some onions in brown butter and added chopped leftover cabbage and made a pasta sauce with pasta water and Romano cheese. It was AMAZING. will always make more than we need so we can have this pasta dish!!!


Served over whipped ricotta (ricotta whipped with some fresh heavy whipping cream). Delicious.

sparkles colorado

This was delicious! Great flavor.

Needs a Quick Change

It was still chewy. After I cooked it for the 20 minutes. I decided to pull it out because all the topping was burning. I think cooking the cabbage for a little bit first to tenderize it and then throw the spices and oil etc after it's been in the oven for a while


I left out nuts and anchovies entirely, and this recipe was STILL amazing. Can't go wrong!

runner 115

This was delicious. My "paste" mostly stayed on top of the wedges, but roasting pulled the wedges apart and allowed for it to seep in. Made recipe as is but used pecans instead of walnuts. Couldn't taste anchovies AT ALL, just added depth. YUM. And easy.

Reyes X

I've made this twice. For the first try I cut the cabbage into wedges as recipe as instructed but the filling fell off. The second try I cut into 1-1.5 inch thick slices and spooned the filling on top. This made a big difference because all of the filling stayed on the cabbage slice! I love this recipe!!


I couldn't stop eating this off the pan before serving. I used sunflower seeds instead of walnuts and incorporated them into the paste. It didn't need the second drizzle of olive oil. Even though it doesn't have any fishy flavor, the anchovies give the dish a meatiness- I ate it with a side of mashed potatoes and it felt like a full meal.


I didn’t have anchovies on hand, so I added white miso and nutritional yeast instead (umami plus a little funk!). Did the trick! Super tasty. I used the convection roast setting on my oven at 425.

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Roasted Cabbage With Parmesan, Walnuts and Anchovies Recipe (2024)
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